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Chapter 23

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Ashley’s POV (the next day)

“Baby I want to go home, hurry up!”, Frankie yelled through the bathroom door. “No offence.”

“None taken.”, Nikki said. I was putting my eye liner on.

“Okay gosh give me a minute.”

“You said that an hour ago!”

“Maybe because I don’t want to sit at the airport three hours early. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK I DIDN’T SLEEP LAST NIGHT!”, I could see Frankie smile in my mind.

“Oh yeah right we’ve done all nighters before and you never took this long to shower and get dressed before!”, I heard Nikki and Lyndsie yelling eww in the background.

“In my house of all places!”, Nikki yelled and I laughed.

“Okay, I’m done.”, I said as I steped out of the bathroom.

“Finally.”, Frankie said following me into the living room. See Frankie backed the car ready to go at 6:00 this morning. Frankie was getting on my bad side so when he tried to kiss me I walked away from him and went to hug Nikki.

“Come back soon.”, Nikki said hugging me.

“I’ll try come to see me as well, oh I found a house we’re buying it, it’s in Jersey!”

“No way!”

“Yeah, but we are keeping the house in New York.”

“That’s amazing.”

“You know it.”, we laughed. I walked over to Lyndsie.

“It was nice meeting you, and I hope we can be friends.”

“Girl I wouldn’t have it any other way.”, we hugged and exchanged numbers.

“I’ll call you, don’t be a stranger come to New York and see me sometime.”

“Okay.”, we hugged. I hugged everyone including Brendon. Yes, I was wanting to make Frankie mad, but that was because he was trying to rush me saying goodbye which we’ve still got two hours before are plane arrives. I even told Brendon to come and see me sometime. Which might have been over the top but oh well. We said are goodbyes and left for the airport.

(Two hours and fifth teen minutes later)

After we got on the air plane I got out my Ipod and began to listen to three doors down. I haven’t spoken one word to Frankie for going on for about two hours now. I felt someone tapping on my shoulder. I looked up to see Frankie glaring at me. I took my head phones off.

“Why are you giving me the silent treatment?”, he asked

“I’m afraid if I talk then we will start fighting again.”, I looked down. Frankie lifted my chin so that I had eye contact with him.

“I’m sorry for the way I was acting today, I just wanted to go home.”, I nodded.

“I understand, but you were so rude about it.”
“I know and I’m sorry.”, he kissed me, when we broke apart he smilled.

“ I want to hear your voice and I’m not going to be home or see you for a four months straight, that’s why I wanted to go home. I wanted to make love to you as much as possible so I can go on for months without it.” I laughed.

“Your so horny.”

“Yes for you.” I laughed. The person came on the intercom telling us to put our seatbelts on that we were landing.

“WE’RE HOME!”, he said sticking his face to the window.


“Cupcake!”, I heard Bob yell, I turned around to see that it was infact Ashley.

“FROSTING!”, I laughed. She ran over and Bob twirled her around in the air.

After everything was over and we were all back at Ashley’s we relaxed.

“Ya’ll should stay here.”, Ashley suggested Bob smilled like he was thinking the same thing.

“What!?”, Frank was looking at her like he was about to scream.

“You sound like you don’t want us here.”, I said.

“I do but I’m a horny man and whenever I need her she’s there no matter what time or place in this house it is.”

“Damn when you said you did it for two days straight you meant it.”, Ashley nodded and laughed.

“I only got little naps here and there.”

“Where dose he get all that energy?”

“EWW.”, Bob said.

“Hello Bob’s still in the room!”, Frankie said smirking.

“Your so conceited.”, Bob said.

“I know but you lady was talking about my bed skills I can’t just lie like that, It’s a sin.”

“Your religion also believes no sex before marriage and no tatts or piercings.”, he said laughing.

“I’m going by the important stuff.”, he said confedent like he knew it all. Ashley and I laughed.

There was a knock at the door. Ashley walked over and when she opened to door, Gerard jumped on her sending them both to the floor laughing.

“Ashley, oh my Ashley’s back!”

“Gerard get off my wife, man your pushing it.”, Frank said in a playful tone, getting up and helping her up.

“I can’t help I’m in love with your woman.”

“What about me?, we all turned around to see Miranda, Aneesah and Mikey.

“Miranda, Aneesah, Mikey!”, Ashely yelled running over and hugging them.


The next chapter will be very soon, I can’t wait to write some more drama and the next chapter is going to be full of it.! So how did you like this chapter? I didn’t get any reviews for the last chapter so if you don’t start reviewing then I will quit all together, I already know how the story ends, and you will be disappointed if I quit on a very exciting part! L So please tell me what you think!
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