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Why do I sit alone?

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Being the wife of a hero isn’t much fun. He’s never around and who knows who else he’s been involved with. From start to end, what happens with the hero’s wife. R&R, Rated M for some later ...

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Chapter one- Chicken Chaser

Disclaimer- I do not own Fable, or any of the heroes and other in habitants of Albion. Nor any of the stuff. But I did give the people personalities and names. Even the gay school teacher… hehehe. I will be straying slightly from the general workings of Fable, but it must be done.

Wench only means she works as a waitress. Nothing more. No wrong thoughts now!

“Boy, over here!” Tanya herd Maze call from out side the inn. Maze had been around befor, for a drink, or to stock up. He’d never spoken to her though, not even when she gave him his food. In fact, most hero’s she had met had been stuck up, even the only female hero she had ever seen, Bier Rose, wouldn’t talk to a simple bar wench. They just took there food and left.

“Here you are Mr Rhefeldt. Enjoy the salad.”

“Thank you Tanya. Have you heard, there’s a new would-be hero kicking around? They call him Chicken Chaser. Your mothers going to have a field day.” He gave a friendly wink. As Tanya wiped down a near by table, she thought about her mach making mother. He would do anything to get her children to marry in to good families, or rich people, or, for that mater, any one with a title.

“Maybe I’ll get lucky and she won’t here about him.”

“Not likely.”

“Thanks for the bode of confidence Mr Rhefeldt. You squashed my dreams.” She said walking back to the bar.

The night started to creep upon the people of Bowerstone. Tanya was getting ready to go home and have a nice dinner with her family.

“Bye!” She called with a quick wave to the bartender and off she went. The other stores started to close shop and a few people were still wandering around, most people going to the bar to get drunk. She shrugged and opened her door. The rich sent of stew met her when she opened the door, so did her little sister.

“Tanya!” Emlyn called, grabbing her older sister’s leg. Tanya smiled and pried her off.

“Hey Em, dinner smalls great.” She smiled.

“I go to go by the carrots!” The small girl said proudly, “And we have a house guest!”

“Really? Wh-“ Tanya stopped mid question as she looked. There stood a boy who seemed to be about 18 years old. His brown hair fell gently around his face and his blue eyes sparkled with hope and determination. He and her father were laughing and joking as he mother stirred the pot.

“He’s Chicken Caser, well, his name is Aaron. He’s from the guild!” Emlyn smiled and Tanya just looked. So much for Mother not knowing. She thought drearily. She smiled at the boy, who was now looking up at her.

“Hello, sire. I’m Tanya.” She smiled. He nodded his head in respect and said, his voice was strong, but he sounded like the young man he was,

“I’m Aaron, the Chicken Chaser.”

“Pleased to make your acquaintance, and sorry to be so rude, but I must go change, work clothes are appropriate for dinner.” Tanya ducked up stairs quickly.

“Why must such things happen to me,” She sighed quietly. She could here the laughed down stairs as she brushed her long, bark coloured hair. She was in no way the most beautiful girl in Albion; Lady Gray held that title with a passion. But she was pretty for a girl of 17. Her eye were a dark green, her completion was fair. She looked a lot like all the other girls from Bowerstone. She had changed from her red-ish brown work tunic and nice, soft leather boots, to a deep blue dress. She had ignored the one her mother had laid out for her. It was a rose red and showed off more cleavage than she would like for his young hero to see. Tanya stood up and walked down stairs, her mother was just setting the table. The had a set of nice pewter cutlery and dishes they used when company came over. They were luck, for they were better off than most families in Bowerstone.

“Tanya, sit down. I was worried you weren’t coming down for dinner!” Her mother exclaimed. But Tanya could read her face like a book, ‘I was worried you were going to insult this hero who could rid us of all problems socially.’

“Sorry, mother, I got into a book and couldn’t put it down.” She lied. It was the line her mother had taught her to say. Tanya sat down beside the hero; it was the only spot left. Another attempted by her mother to get them closer.

Tanya lay in bed, unable to sleep. The small form of her sister could be seen in the other bed, and through the walls she could here her fathers snoring. Her mother had invited Aaron to stay the night in the guest room, but he was a sighlent sleeper, so she couldn’t here him. She was tiered of her mother’s constant schemes. The more would be heroes there are, the less Tanya would be free. Her mother had done this befor through out Tanya’s teens. Most of her friends married the sons of guards or merchants. A few even had children. Tanya found her self drifting off to sleep as she prayed to Avo that her mother would stop with the match making.
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