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Chapter Fifteen

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Still Day 39...

Mikey's POV

I stood there my mouth agape.

"This is not happening!!"

I saw my brother, standing there with the barrel of a gun to his head! Since when was he suicidal?! I don't remember this!!

"Gerard! What are you doing?!" I was surprised at how clear my voice came out. "Gerard answer me!" I was staring at him and the broken table in front of him. He replied, "Oh, hi Mikey." I was confused at that point, he seemed so nonchalant. "What are you doing Gerard?!!" Sure, he had been depressed and shit, but this?! I was trying to inch my way over to him to grab the gun. "Come on Gerard, don't do this, please." Gerard looked at me like I was crazy, ironic huh? "Mikey? What...what are you doing?" I could hear fear in his voice. Something was wrong, but what? What was going on?! I stepped a little closer to him, "Come on, don't hurt yourself." I grabbed his arm, he whimpered looking at me fearfully. Something was really wrong. I grabbed his hand and the gun, "Gerard please." He tried to get away from me, he looked really freaked. I saw my chance and grabbed his hand that he had on the gun. But then...something changed. That dissolved into nothing, I was holding the gun pointing it at Gerard. Before I knew what was going on, my finger slipped and I pulled the trigger. I heard a huge 'BANG' and felt the gun kick back some. Gerard screamed, crumpling to the floor. The bullet had hit his thigh.

Shit. That wasn't supposed to happen.

I threw the gun down, disgusted with myself. How could I!? My own brother!? I was at his side automatically. He only whimpered and crawled away. He was crying and shouting at me to call the ambulance. Everything was a blur as I got up. I picked the gun back up, looking down at Gerard. I couldn't control my actions!

"Whoa! Stop! Wait, what's going on?! Don't pick up the gun! Bad arm! Bad hand! Stupid!"

I whispered, "I'm so sorry." I turned the gun towards me. Gerard looked at me fearfully, I shot myself in the stomach. I cried out, I didn't expect pain! This wasn't fair! What was going on?!! I fell, hitting my head on the side of the other coffee table in there and blacking out.

What was to happen? Was I even ready to be out in the real world? What even happened?

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