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Henry Stratford and the Big Race

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This was my first try at writing short stories outside of school. It's about a boy trying to win a race basically.

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“Henry Stratford! Come right here this instance!”

My mom was calling me again. Probably for what I did to the hay stack. It’s not my fault, it’s just so fun. Besides Jimmy did it too. Anyways it started yesterday, I had just gotten home form school and Jimmy was coming over to play.

“Let’s go play in the barn,” suggested Jimmy. I had a better idea.

I led him over to what used to be our stable but now we just used it to store our hay. “Come on lets get on top and I’ll show you something really cool!” I exclaimed.

We climbed all the way to the top of the huge haystack and looked around. It was amazing! You could see for miles in every direction, except where the house was in the way. Suddenly Jimmy pushed me and I slid all the way down the hay stack. It was so much fun! I climbed back up and pushed him down.

“Wow! That was fun!” he exclaimed.

So for the next half hour we took turns jumping and sliding down the hay stack. When we looked back after we got tired the hay was everywhere! It was also in our clothes and hair. We decided just to leave it and hope we didn’t get caught.


There she is again I better go. “Coming mother!”

“Look at this mess! You clean it up this instance! And no dessert!”

So that’s what I did for the rest of the night. Scooping and stacking hay.

The next day came soon. I hopped on the bus and talked to Jimmy all the way to school. I told him how I had to clean up the hay.

“Bummer! That sucks!” commiserated Jimmy

We arrived at school and walked into English class. Mr. Henderson was handing back our writing assignments. I glanced at mine. A C. I could do better but at least I passed. I didn’t think much of it until Mr. Henderson announced that any body with a 65% or lower had to re-write it. I had 64%. This was bad. I was planning on racing Kelly, the school bully. If I didn’t then he would think I was being a wuss and backing out, but if I did then I would fail this assignment and my mom would kill me. I finally decided to do the race. It wouldn’t take that long. After all I am the fastest kid in school.

The day was long but school finally ended and I was soon waiting for Kelly at the dirt field. That’s where everyone races. He soon arrived and we got in our starting positions and waited for Sam to yell go.


We were off. Kelly was easy competition. I looked back and saw him way behind me. Thud! I fell to the ground. I couldn’t believe it! I tripped! Kelly won the race and it was then that I noticed a sharp pain going up my leg. I looked down and saw that it was broken and scratched. There was blood everywhere. I fainted. When I woke up there was a cast on my leg and I was at the hospital. The nurse soon came and handed me some crutches.

“Oh, good. You’re awake. I am Maurice and I’ll be your nurse today. Here are some crutches that I will teach you how to use. Now try to slowly get down off the bed.”

I got off the bed with much agony. My leg was hurting bad. For 15 minutes the nurse took me through different drills teaching me how to use the crutches. It was finally time to go home.

I got home and was immediately ordered to sit on the coach and put my leg up. So I decided to read a book. It was a great book about a boy and his two dogs that he taught how to hunt raccoons. Soon it was time for supper; then bed. I couldn’t sleep. All the events of the day were running through my head. That wasn’t the only thing though, my leg was also hurting and it was weird trying to sleep with a cast on.

The next day came and everybody was consoling me and telling me how I’d beat Kelly once my leg was better. Kelly came by and just as I had predicted gave me a hard time about losing. He was polite about my broken leg though and told me he was sorry that it had happened. He was hoping for a fair race no doubt.

Soon the weekend came and Jimmy came over and we played a board game for hours on end.

Weeks passed and finally it came time to take off the cast. We went to the doctors and he pulled out a saw. I was scared and fainted again. I woke up with my cast off and the doctor said I could go home but had to be careful for the next little while because my leg would be weak. He gave me some exercises to do and sent me home. I felt naked without my cast. It was so weird.

I went home and ate a lot for supper. I was hungry! Fainting does that to you. That night I had repetitive dreams about talking saws and hairy legs. It was weird.

When I went to school everybody noticed my cast was gone and asked when I was going to race Kelly. I just said not yet and left it at that.

For three weeks I did my exercises after school and finally came the day when I could race Kelly again. We took our starting positions and waited for the go.

“Go!” yelled Sam.

We were off. It was harder this time than last but I was still in the lead. Kelly was gaining on me fast. The finish line came and we were neck and neck. We crossed the line and waited for George to tally the results. I won! Everybody congratulated me as I walked to the bus. I had gotten my revenge on the track and won.
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