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Long Forgotten Vow

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even though inuyasha's with kikyo.he's kagome and promises he'll always be there for her but isn't one time. Has he forgotten his promise? Starts off as Inuyasha/Kikyo but will be Inuyasha/Kago...

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Long Forgotten Vow

by Kendra & Barbara

Chapter One Forever In Your Debt

15 year old Kagome was practicing archery with her older feternal twin,Kikyo. She always looked up to Kikyo despite knowing she could never be Kikyo. Kikyo and Kagome were both priestesses in training. However Kikyo was much more advanced than Kagome. She had insanely strong spirtual powers. Kagome does as well but she's working hard to be as good as her sister. Kikyo has finished for the day leaving Kagome all alone to practice her archery.

"I'm so bored. There's nothing to do today" Kagome sighed finishing her practice. Just as she was about to head inside she heard a rustling in the bushes. A snake demon emerged from the bushes. Kagome's brown eyes widened. She may have spirtual powers but against a demon of this ranking she stood no chance. She covered her eyes bracing for the worse. "Iron Reaver Soul Stealer!" The demon was hacked to pieces. When Kagome uncovered her eyes she was staring into a pair of amber eyes. It was Kikyo's sweetheart, the half-demon Inuyasha. Kagome knew it was wrong but she couldn't help but be attracted to him. She couldn't put her finger on the reason why. His eyes? His cute little dog ears? His courageousness? Or was it the fact that even though he was part demon he a pure human heart deep inside of him?

"Kagome you ok?" "Yeah I'm fine thanks Inuyasha but why aren't you with Kikyo?" "She said she had something to do but don't worry Kagome even though I'm Kikyo's mate,I'll always be here to protect you too. You're my best friend" "Thank you Inuyasha one day I will repay you for everything you've done for me"
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