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Ginny has a schoolgirl crush on Sirius. Oneshot. Could be seen as a loose companion to 'Summertime'. More fluffy then a Weasly christmas jumper.

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Ginny lay flat out on the floor in the hallway, work on removing doxys from their various hide outs in the hall had ceased momentarily when Ron had received a rather vicious bite from a silver statue of a snake. Molly left the hall to find the first aid kit, Ron followed her nursing his bitten hand. Seeing their chance the twins grabbed the bucket of black doxy eggs and disapparated, presumably upstairs to where ever they operated the skiving snackbox experiments "You've gotta hand it to them," said Sirius "they've pocketed most of the venomous creatures we've found so far and without Molly noticing a thing." mumbled agreements came from Hermione and Harry who were both slumped on the floor with their backs against the wall. Sirius went to sit down on a small stool, but it growled at him fiercely so he sank down next to Ginny's sprawled figure instead.
As Ginny looked at him she felt that fluttering giggly sensation particular to one form of liking someone, commonly know as a crush. She closed her eyes 'not a chance' she told herself 'You thought that crush on Harry was pointless but at least he's vaguely attainable, in case you haven't noticed Sirius is a teensy bit older then you' Ginny decided to ignore that evil part of her brain that likes to remind her of reality and listened to Sirius' voice, he was arguing with Hermione about Kreacher again "Have you even tried to be nice to him?" Hermione was saying
"No, and I don't intend to."
"Well no wonder he's so resentful towards you!"
"He's resentful of the world. He hates everyone."
"Only because everyone hates him, if you were just a little kinder…"
Ginny thought that Sirius was right about Kreacher, the elf was pure evil. The argument ended finally when neither party could summon the energy to continue, they lapsed into silence for a moment until Sirius said "She's asleep."
"Are you sure she's not dead?" came Harry's voice. It took all of Ginny's willpower not to burst out laughing. She could feel Sirius' face near hers as he pretended to check whether or not she was still breathing. Suddenly Ginny wondered what would happen it she just kissed him, kissed him right then, The evil voice of common sense told her how absolutely stupid the idea was, but she still wanted to dwell on the daydream a while longer.
Ginny heard a door open and some one come into the hall "Molly," Sirius said cheerfully "we think you daughter may be dead."
"Dead or alive she still has to get back to work, I want to get started on those portraits this afternoon." Ginny didn't move, hoping that if she feigned sleep she could linger in the daydream of a perfect kiss for a bit longer, but Sirius couldn't be fooled quite that easily "Ginny, it you were any good at pretending to be asleep you would know that you never smile when your asleep." Ginny giggled and opened her eyes. Sirius stood over her with his hand out stretched. Ginny took it and laughed as he pulled her up "Pray tell, what is so very funny?" he asked. Ginny didn't answer, but with sudden daring (and a glance to make sure that her mother was fully occupied with the doxys) she kissed him on the cheek. Immediately she regretted it and feared what his reaction might be - but Sirius merely shook his head and muttered "Strange child…" before going back to work.
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