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Night Drive.

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I looked out over the black gravel, as I sat in front of the seat in frank’s lap. It was amazing at how good of view we got of the sun as it slowly drifted down, revealing an orange-pink sky. It was beautiful, but all the better with the one you loved. I felt him kiss my neck and tuck a piece of my hair behind my ear.
“I love you.” He said. I giggled slightly and bent my head back to look at him.
“I love you more.” He pouted.
“Na-ah!” Then he bent down slightly.
“I feel like Spiderman doing this.” And he kissed me softly... though upside down. It was cute.
“Cute Iero.” We heard from the doorway where Gerard stood with Michaela, hand in hand.
“Talk about the subtle approach.” I said, as Frank stood up and dusted him-self off before giving me a hand as well.
“WHERE IS SHE?!” We all jumped and looked to the door as a strikingly familiar girl ran out, looking around.
“Alexis!” We heard a male voice call out before bursting through the door as well.
“Ah… Mikey?” Gerard asked, as Alexis walked around looking at everyone.
“I told her about Emily and Frank, which I knew about thanks to Ray the bigmouth. So now she wants to meet her.” This must have been the girl that I saw fall off that tricycle. I raised my hand slightly and she jogged over and embraced me in a hug. Then I watched as she turned to Mikey.
“Why don’t I know her? I must know her! Won’t somebody PLEASE let me know her?” She said, running over to Mikey and pretending to cry on his shoulder. He fixed his glasses and patted her back.
“I’ve got to apologize… someone let her near the coffee machine.” He said.
“Coffee?!” She asked, fully aware of her surroundings once more. Mikey pulled her towards him, and patted her back again.
“No sweetie, no more coffee.” Then she smiled and kissed him, before doing a jump and running back through the door. Mikey sighed and rubbed his eyes from under his glasses.
“I’m sorry guys, She’ll be over it in about 6 hours.” Then we watched as he walked after her, calling her name. It was only now that I had realized Frank had hold of my hand, and was stroking it with his thumb gently. I looked up and he smiled at me, before turning to Gerard.
“Alright then, well… we’re going to head in. I’ll catch you later?” He asked. Gerard nodded and hugged Frank, so I turned to Michaela who smiled and hugged me too.
“You finally got him. Good work.” She whispered. I nodded and smiled back.
Frank took my hand again and he walked me to his car. I stopped and looked at him with a quizzical look on my face.
“You can come with me, you’re friend left yeah?” He asked. I nodded.
“How can you remember that?” I asked. He rolled his eyes and smiled, as we started walking again.
“Well no one has come to tell me off and/or tell you to hurry up have they?”
“Ah.” I walked to the passenger’s side of the car and got in, doing up my belt. Frank followed suite and turned on the radio as soon as he had put the keys in.
“Where do you want to go?” He asked. I shrugged.
“You can go back to my place if you want. It’s about a 2 hour drive but still.” I thought about it and then nodded.
“Sure. Sleepover I take it?” He smirked.
“I’m going to have a girl with a sexy ass going to my house late at night, since when wouldn’t it be a sleep over with Iero around?” I slapped him playfully on the arm.
“Oh you love it.” I laughed as he started up the engine..

We drove through the country part of town and I couldn’t help but realize how beautiful everything was today. It was like someone had waved a magic wand over the world and Poof it’s all better. So.. could Frank be my Fairy Godmother?
“What are you thinking about?” He asked, taking a quick glance at me before looking back to the road.
“Nothing interesting. Why?”
“You have that look on your face, like you’re spacing out or something. It scares me.” I laughed.
“Thanks Frank, I scare people when I think.”
“It’s not good for you.” I laughed again and this time he joined in. As we got quieter, I watched as he looked around before pulling into a spot and undoing his belt.
“You live in a park?” I asked. He laughed and walked around, helping me out of the car.
“No, just we haven’t been to the park together in so long. I miss it.” I nodded in understanding as he held my hand and we walked into the park, which was quite beautiful mind you. It wasn’t too green, and the leaves in the trees were swinging gently.
“Wow.” I breathed. He put his arm around my waist and we walked to hill where on the side was a medium sized willow. I sat down underneath it with him and he positioned himself so I was lying on his chest, ableing me to hear his heartbeat. We didn’t talk for about 10 minutes, just lied there quietly. This was before Frank took my arm in his hand and held it about 3 inches from my leg.
“Emily.. I need to know something.”
“When you left, did you ever give it up?” He asked. I froze and stopped breathing.
“Uh..” He slowly turned my arm around and lifted my wristband to reveal the shame I had hoped would go away sooner rather than later.
“I take it as a no.” He said, putting my arm back.
“Are you.. upset with me?” I asked, rolling over and leaning on my elbows. He looked me in the eyes and shook his head.
“/That/ would make me a hypocrite.” My eyes widened and I leant down to hug him.”
“How come?” He smiled.
“This is sick, but I loved you too much Em. I’ve always loved you and I thought, like you, that was the best way to deal with it. Along with trying to make you jealous with Ashley and a lot of other shit I’m really not proud of. Emily.. I couldn’t stand seeing the one girl I really loved hurt herself like that.” I sat up again and looked at my hands.
Ray was right!
Oh just be quiet.
Hey. I’m the one who’s always been right here along with your brother, so why don’t you shut up and listen to me more often. I sighed. My mind was right.
“Show me.” I said quietly. He let me take his arm and I nearly cried at what I saw. It was about 3 times as worse as what I had done.. and it was my fault. If I had just told him how I felt and stuck to my fucking promise.
I felt a tear escape down my face and he lifted his hand to wipe them away.
“Please don’t cry.” He said, before pulling me into a hug and rubbing my back slowly. As he kissed my head I held him tighter.
“It’s my fault. I’m sorry.. I’m really sorry.” I mumbled into his shoulder.
“Fuck… Emily. No. It’s not. If it’s anybody’s it’s mine. I dealt with it the wrong way and now I have to live with it. Not you.”
“But now it’s the one boy I really love hurting himself like this.” I said. He pulled back, and held my face, kissing my lips a bit stronger than he had done before.
“It was because I love you too much. I really do Em.” He whispered, his forehead touching mine and he then kissed me again.
“Don’t you have school tomorrow?” He asked out of the blue. I raised an eyebrow and nodded.
“I think I can skip one day.. Andy shouldn’t mind either.”
“Who’s Andy?” He asked, suddenly worried. I laughed.
“He’s my roommate. Likes the same gender so you don’t have to worry about him.” I said. He smiled and nodded.
“Race you back to the car?” He asked. I immediately jumped up, giggling and started to bolt toward where the car was parked. He jogged behind me, giving me the impression that he was letting me win. As I touched the car he came up behind me and poked me in the sides.
“Looks like you win.”
“Frank you pussy. Race like a man!” He laughed at this comment, and we both got into the car.
“So what do you want to do when we get back to my place?” He asked. I shrugged.
“Have hot sex in the shower?” He laughed and shook his head.
“Our minds are so alike.”
“Yet yours is so much more dirty.” I said. He nodded in agreement and puffed out his chest.
“I’m thinking of writing a book.” Now it was my turn to shake my head.
“And I take it this book wouldn’t be shown to young teenagers and children?”
“Ah yes, but you forgot the dear seniors dear. See, I think I might save them a few heart attacks by not letting them read it.” I laughed and punched him softly in the shoulder.
“You’re such an idiot.” He grinned and we drove on through the town until we hit my old suburb.
“I miss it here.” I said. He frowned.
“You miss this dump?” He asked. I laughed and nodded.
“Not only that but the people in it.”
“Oh someone’s a bit full of themselves.” He pouted and stopped the car out the front of a very familiar house, before pointing at me.
“I’ll get you back for that one.” I laughed again.
“This’ll be good to watch.” He jumped out of the car and bolted for the front door without warning.
“Hey!” I yelled, laughing. Getting out as well and jogging to keep up. He opened the door and closed it, locking it behind him. I laughed.
“Fuck you Iero! Open the door!” I knocked a few times, but no one answered. I put my head against the door, and was about to give up when I had an idea.
“SEX BAN!” I yelled at the top of my voice. Within two seconds the door was open and I was pushed against the wall, him kissing me like he had done in the park. I smiled.
“It’s funny how persuasive I can be?” He poked me.
“Isn’t it?” I walked in the door and Frank shut it behind him. It was dark now and as I went to look for the light switch I ran into a wall with a loud thump.
“Ow.” I groaned. I heard a small laugh and the light was turned on to reveal me in the doorway with my hands on my head.
“Awwww” He said, and walked over to touch it and kiss it better.
“That would be a wall?” He commented, smiling slightly at the expression on my face after running into a wall.
“Maybe.” He rubbed it again before pulling me after him as he made his way down the hallway to his room.
“Ass!” He smiled and opened his door and letting me go inside first. I walked in and immediately sighed. It smelt like him.
“You ok?” He asked. I nodded and sat down on his bed, then falling on my back.
“Tired.” He laughed.
“I can see that.” He came and lied down next to me and was about to kiss me again when my phone rang. I opened it and put it to my ear.
“Where are you!” I froze. I forgot to tell him!
“Fuck! Andy I’m sorry.. I’m with.. Someone.” Even without seeing him, I knew he was smirking.
“And that someone wouldn’t be Frank would it?” He asked. I stayed silent, and he laughed.
“I knew it would work! If I left you’d make up! Ha!” I smiled.
“Andy!” He just laughed again.
“Can I speak to him?”
“Yep.” I took the phone off my ear and handed it to Frank, who gave me a questioning look before putting it to his ear.
“Hello?” I watched as his face twisted into different emotions for about 5 minutes before laughing and handing me back the phone.
“What did you say to him?”
“G’nite! Have fun!”
Oh God don’t say it.
“Use Protection!” He hung up and I had to control myself from laughing and covered my face with my hands, turning a bright red behind them. Then I felt someone trying to pry them from my face.
“Awwww, don’t be like that. You’re so cute” He said. I laughed and still wouldn’t remove my hands from my face.
“What did he say?” He smirked.
“Oh nothing. Apart from telling me that you’re his best friend and if I ever hurt you I’m a freaking dead man.” I laughed and sat up to hug him.
“Naw, It’s ok.”
“But I would never do that. I love you too much.” I smiled into his shoulder.
“Same to you.”
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