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Chapter 14-The Dance

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Kristina guiltily goes to the dance...or does she?

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A/N: I'm apologizing upfront for anyone who may not have watched Singing In The Rain. You might not get a part of this...but it's not an important part so, ENJOY!

I should've stuck to that self-vow that I would never wear a skirt again. It was extremely difficult to get out through the window and I almost fell when I was climbing over the fence. Thankfully, Pete was there to catch me.

"Hi Kris! You're looking beautiful tonight," Pete smiled charmingly as he set me down.

I looked him over. He was wearing a tuxedo, something I never thought I’d see him in.

"Nice tux," I commented and forced a smile. I had not forgotten about Alicia.

"C'mon, Todd's driving us again," there was a tinge of envy in his voice when he mentioned Todd. I decided to ignore it since I had my conscience to deal with.

I took his hand as he led me to Todd's SUV. I hardly talked, which was unusual for me unless I had a problem. And I did.

"Stop the car," I said.

"What's wrong?" both Wentzes asked in unison.

"Just stop."

Todd pulled over to the side of the road. I opened the door and jumped out.

"Where're you going?!" Pete got up after me.

"I'm going to my best friend's house. I'm sorry Pete; I can't go to the dance with you."

"Okay...can I come with you then?"

I was taken aback. "You're not angry?"

He cocked his head, "Why would I be angry?"

"Because I can't go to the dance."

"I don't long as we're together everything's fine."

What a clichéd statement. But I knew it wasn't a lie. We spent about thirty seconds smiling at each other. Then I started towards Alicia's house. Pete followed. His brother was left in the red vehicle with a confused expression on his face.

On the way there, I explained why exactly we were going.

"But how did she know that you snuck out for the concert?" he asked, looking perplexed.

I shrugged, "She's just Alicia. She knows everything about everyone,"

Pete still looked puzzled but by then we were outside her house. I knocked on the front door just like I had yesterday. Mrs. Mayer opened the door again, this time looking surprised.

"Why, hello Kristina. I wasn't expecting you,"

"Neither was I...well I wasn’t expecting myself to come but I--can me and my friend go see Alicia?" I gestured towards Pete who was panting behind me.

"Go right ahead...she's upstairs...I'm not sure if she'll talk to you though. She's been moody for the past few days."

I gulped the giant lump in my throat and walked upstairs slowly. Alicia was once again in bed watching TV. She didn’t look any better than she did yesterday. She didn't notice us standing near her door and I was completely fine with that because I had no idea what to do. But then Pete had to cough.

"YOU!" she yelled, pointing at me.

"Yeah me...and Pete."

She glared, "Are you here to rub it in my face?"

I sighed and walked to her bedside, "There's nothing to rub and if there was I wouldn’t rub it," she remained silent as I continued, "I've been a bitch. You're right, I should've remembered to call you or visit you or something...I promise I'll never be that stupid again. Alicia, you're the best friend I've ever had and no guy is gonna change that, okay? Will you forgive me? Please?" I pouted.

Her lips twitched. She was trying not to smile but finally her mouth stretched into a wide grin. Out of the blue, she hugged me, "Ehmygod, Kris, you are so corny!" The three of us in the room laughed. Pete and I decided to stay here and watch 'Singing In The Rain' with Alicia. We were having a lot of fun imitating the actors once it was over.

"No, no, no," I said, attempting a manly voice.

"Yes, Yes, Yes!" Pete tried imitating the high pitched female voice.

We all burst into laughter. I didn't notice the time fly by. Until, something went terribly wrong.

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