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Stalking Or Playing?

by deaths-destruction 3 reviews

Just a one shot that makes no sense in the eye of the beholder. It all depends on how you interpret it.

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Hey people, yay for one shots. This might make no sense, but hey does anything make sense anymore? I mean really. Think about it, the world is in utter chaos and the government is trying to cover it up! Hah, okay, that's just the ramblings of my mind. Here ya go. :] ENJOY.
Reviews are nice by the way.

He looked around. It was quiet, and dark. Very dark.
"Where the hell am I?"
He heard the snap of a twig as he swivelled around to face it. "W-who's there?", his voice quivered to the darkness. The quiet reply came, "Me." The boy stepped out of the shadows. He sighed with relief, "Oh, it's just you. What are you doing?" The boy had his head down, "Watching you." He gave him a puzzled look, "What?" The boy smiled and repeated, "Watching you." He fidgeted, "You''re STALKING me?" The boy merely looked up and offered, "No, not really." He crossed his arms, "Okay then what do YOU call it?" The boy smiled that creepy smile, "Playing." The boy disappeared back into the shadows. That left him in utter confusion, "What the fuck was that about...", his voice trailed off.

Kind of creepyish. :] You can interpret the characters as anyone, I just thought it would be cool to write. :]
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