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The Day Q Got Arrested

by Quillian 2 reviews

Just a funny one-shot! What if Q got in trouble with the Las Vegas authorities in "Diamonds Are Forever"? (POTENTIAL SPOILERS!)

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own 007: James Bond or anything related to it. If I did, I'd probably be quite rich.

A/N: Ever since I first saw the 007 movie /Diamonds Are Forever/, I just got this rather silly idea in my head... and since I got such nice feedback for my fic "He Wasn't Invincible", I didn't see why not.

SUMMARY: What if Q got in trouble with the Las Vegas authorities for his special ring which caused the slot machines to pay out each and every time?

/"The Day Q Got Arrested,"/

By Quillian

An elderly man was sitting in a holding cell in Las Vegas. He worked for the British agency known as MI6. His name was Q.

Q got arrested after the authorities in the casino noticed that every slot machine the man passed paid out lots of money. They also noticed that he was making adjustments to this bizarre ring on one of his hands. On top of that, they also heard him explain his device to some woman who was with him briefly.

Q was escorted out by the authorities and was now sitting in a holding cell, wondering what would happen to him now.

Needless to say, it was one of the most embarrassing days of his life.

Suddenly, the door opened up, and a familiar face walked in.


"Q." Here, the eccentric inventor noticed that his boss was looking at him quite seriously.

"Q... from now on, just let me know when you're going to do this sort of thing, alright? As you can imagine, they don't take cheating lightly here in Las Vegas. Besides, you could have just had a slot machine borrowed and sent to your lab?"

"You're right, M, you're right," Q said, conceding to his boss and looking a little ashamed. "I guess I just got carried away, that's all."

"Understandable, Q. Next time, just exercise some caution and common sense, okay?"

"Yes, M, of course."

"Good. Now, I've managed to cook up a sufficient enough lie to get you ought of here. You're free to go. Come, let's leave this place."

As they left the cell and walked down some corridors, M leaned over to Q and whispered something in his ear. "Say, Q... do you think you could get me one of those rings?"

"M!" Q responded, looking shocked.

"Oh, no, don't worry, Q, I don't plan on using it in the way you did... I was just thinking of some other ways we could use those things on the field..."

"Well, M, I'm sure we can figure something out, and as long as a certain agent of ours returns it in pristine order for a change..."

A/N: Not much of a point to it there, I know, but hey, I wrote what I wanted to write.

Thanks for reading this! -Quillian
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