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Chapter Two

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Part two of my Novel. Whoot!

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Chapter Two

My mom’s house was nice, although not as nice as she wanted it to be, I’m sure. After parking my car in the garage, I grabbed my keys and siphoned through them until I found my house key. This took all of about three seconds.
Being as quiet as I could, I unlocked the door and shut it softly behind me.
“Isn’t a bit early, Riley?” drifted my mother’s voice from another room. “Shouldn’t you be out howling at the moon or something?” I could tell by the slur in her words that she was drunk.
Plastering a smile on my face, I walked into the study, or as I called it, the drinking room. Mom always sat here and shoved glass after glass of hard liquor down her throat. “Mom, what are you still doing up?” I asked, trying to sound nice.
“Were you hanging out with that Drew kid again? I don’t like him, Riley, he’s a bad influence on you. Look at your ear,” she gestured towards me with the hand that held her glass of vodka and some of it sloshed onto the floor.
“Mom,” I sighed, “Drew’s my best friend.”
“And what is it about him that draws you in, my daughter? Is it the fact that he will never want you for what you are? Or because he’s so different like yourself, being so attracted to men?” she had hit a bad spot.
My posture stiffened and I went rigid, “Don’t start this again, mother, please. I like Drew because he’s a dependable friend. It has nothing to do with his sexuality.” It was the truth, besides he’d only come out of the closet a few months ago. “Mom, I think you need to get some sleep,” I added.
“Did you go furry on anyone tonight?” my mom continued, ignoring me completely.
“You know I am leaving tomorrow,” I cut in, wondering if she even remembered.
Obviously she did. Elizabeth Donovan’s eyes clouded with tears. She set her glass down and got up, walking over to me and giving me a hug. “My poor daughter, my lonely wolf, you’ll never find someone who can understand you, my pitiful daughter.”
That made me angry. And it hurt. But I had to remind myself that it was the booze talking, and not really Mom. I could smell the alcohol heavily on her breath, and wondered how long she’d been drinking.
“Well Mom,” I said brusquely, “If you don’t want to get any sleep, I can’t stop you. But since I’m leaving tomorrow, I really should get some rest. Good night.” With that I shrugged away from her and turned, stalking up the stairs. I couldn’t take this, not tonight. It was wearing thin, her drinking and then ragging on me for everything.
In my room I quickly changed into my pajamas and collapsed onto the bed, almost landing on my cat, Morty. His name was Mortimer, actually.
“Hey Morty,” I smiled, reaching my hand out to touch the black and white cat on the nose. He purred and settled himself beside me as I switched off the light. Sleep hit fast, but it didn’t bring peace for me.
At one am I woke up, breathing heavily and in a cold sweat. I’d had a nightmare, one of my mom condemning me for my existence, and then other people finding out about what I was.
Reaching up, I found my wolf ears had replaced my normal ones. Oh well, at least I didn’t have a tail, yet. Then I touched my teeth, finding that they too were elongated. They were more like a wolf’s fangs, made for ripping something apart. Morty was on my pillow. I could see him in the dark; I’ve always had excellent night vision. He was staring at me lazily, as if wondering why I was panting like I had just run a couple of miles or something.
“Don’t look at me like that,” I sighed, chucking Morty under the chin. He made a sound in his throat and rubbed against me. His grey fur looked silver to me at the moment, probably from the dim light of the moon.
The cat settled back down on what he had promptly dubbed his pillow. I wasn’t worried about him while I was going to be gone, Mom really liked Morty. Huffing, I settled back down and kicked the covers off of my bed. It took me a good thirty minutes to go back to sleep.

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