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To meet,to say goodbye

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Kyo has had his hart broken many times over and over and this it was no diffrent. But this beautiful boy comes out of nowhere and he finds himself..fallig in love with him? Will he be able to forge...

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To meet, to say goodbye

The cold bone chilling breeze brushed against the roaring sea as water trickled down a pair of a miserable man’s eyes. Blonde hair was stuck to his face and he glared at the rising sun. he felt as though the sand under his feet was vanishing slowly and the early sun in front of him was turning to ashes. The scene flashed through his head like a movie, that horrible scene. He wondered why history must always repeat itself and why he was always thrown aside like he was nothing but a wasted existence. He then declared at that moment that he was finished with his hut for true love. He’d rather be alone than to be cheated over and over. He was tired of seeing her face and wasting his time anyway. There was no need to feel like he lost so much. At least, that’s what he told himself……..

Footsteps approached a bench were the seat was occupied by a young man waiting patiently. He looked up at the face that he saw many times before and gave a questioning look.
“Well, why did you call me here so early? Is there something wrong?” for her answer she gave a blank stare and began to speak
“I guess I should make this quick, I’ve been seeing someone for the past three weeks and I have had to much fun to let him go so I’m letting you go, I’m sorry for hurting you ,can we remain friends?”
His heart was filled with pain and shock. But he couldn’t let her know that. He got up and walked up to her and yanked the expensive necklace that he had bought for her. “you were a waste of time” He whispered and walked past her and into the star filled sky.
“I guessed that s a no huh” she said. She to turned around and walked off not feeling an ounce of regret.
The young man walked and walked and walked until he found himself at the very place were they met, his once favorite beach. He approached the water and angrily threw the necklace in to the sea and with the necklace went any feelings of love he had for her and he watched it disappear.

The man sighed and his glare became more harsh stupid sun he thought as he clenched his fist.why must you be so beautiful on a day I’m so miserable?
Beachgoers began to arrive and he found himself staring at them, and at everything before his eyes. The children laughing and playing splashing water at each other, the couples holding hands and walking along the shore as though time didn’t matter. Even the pelican that flew down and stuck his beck to the water to look for food seemed to be happier than he. This made him sad and he was poised to leave but before he could, a much happier young man plopped down next to him and gave a huge cheeky smile. He could only give a questioning look. This boy was soo…pretty. He had short black messy hair and had the most beautiful lips he has ever seen on an fellow man. And he had beautiful bright eyes, so beautiful in fact he had a sudden urge to…smile? He just had his heart broken and he wanted to smile? He came to the conclusion that this boy has some kind of magical unspeakable power. He was snapped out of his thought by the boy waving his hand in front his face.
“hellooo in there” He blinked and looked up at him, he was also tall. The other man laughed and extended his hand.
“I’m Toshiya, nice to meet you “
“I’m Kyo” He said still confused. And shook his hand. Toshiya gave Kyo a questing look.
“Kyo huh? Why are you so sad Kyo? Its to nice out to be sad “
Toshiya extended his arms out to the sky and smiled a beautiful smile. He couldn’t help but notice how crooked his teeth were, this made him smile but the smile faded as he once again recalled last nights events.
“lets just say I had a rough night”
Toshiya looked at him, confused and gave a slight sigh. H went to grab Kyo’s and pulled him into a hug.

“Ahh poor thing, I wont ask what happened but I know a place that we can have fun. And we wont have to worry about any of the bad things”
Kyo stared up at him for what seemed like forever. It felt so good to be in that embrace, he felt like he was in the arms of someone who actually cared about him. But wait a minute, I just meet this guy 5 seconds ago why does he care about me so much. About someone like me?
“why do you want to help me so much?” Kyo questioned, never letting his eyes move away from the flawless face in front of him. Toshiya smiled and touched Kyo’s soft cheek
“I cant stand to see someone as beautiful as you so miserable, you don’t deserve it”

^___________^ I hope everyone liked!!!!!!!! Oh and if you ever read a translated version of sajou no uta you would know that I was obviously inspired by that song meltsoh how I love it ^^
It’ll be different from the sand ending of the song I promise, I and also planning to do a miyavi/toshiya series and a kyo/shinya oneshot, so yeah look out for that. About my other story, I will get back to it as soon as I’m done with these, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about it ^^ I would like reviews^^
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