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A Commando in Love

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The Clone Troopers wiped out all of the Jedi according to History. History is wrong

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"Commander Cody, the time has come. Execute Order Sixty-Six." With those words, history was altered forever. All over the galaxy, various Clone Trooper units received the order to kill their Jedi Commanders. Only one group of Clone Troopers successfully ignored the order. They were called Ion Team and were a group of Clone Commandos. History records that all other Clone Trooper units killed the Jedi without question. But, what if, just maybe, history was wrong and another Jedi was spared.

Chapter 1:

Battle of Kashyyyk 30 Minutes before the announcement of Order Sixty-SixAs Omega Squad and a Jedi General named Etain Tur-Mukan were flying above the treetops in a larty, a missilecame flying up out of nowhere and hit the ship. As the ship his theground, the occupents in back were knocked out and the flight crew were killed. After about fifteen minutes, the members of Omega Squad woke up and looked at each other. As they moved over to Etain, after securing the area, they saw that she was still unconscious. They then received a hail from Commander Gett. "RC-1136, Execute Order Sixty-Six."The members of Omega Squad looked at each other in shock. Etain was still unconscious so there would never be an easier time to fulfill the Order. Suddenly Darmensighed, "I can't do it. I'm in love with her. I'm sorry." As Darmen finished, he fully expected to be killed by one of his teammates. Then his CO, or Commanding Officer, Niner said, "Commander Gett, Order Sixty-Six has been carried out." Postscript: I had been up half of the night so this probably isn't very good, but Irealized that I had never seen any stories that dealt with Etain, the clone commandos from the Republic Commando Novels, and Order Sixty-Six. I would also like to encourage people to write stories that deal with the above topic.
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