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All of the things he said. All of the words. Every syllable, every fragment, every muttered sound.

They were all intentioned to convince.

To convince me that he didn’t love her anymore. More so, to convince himself that he didn’t love her anymore.

However, it was all in vain. He failed to fully convince me. Oh, sure, he almost had me. I was almost his fool. And by almost, I mean completely. I fell for everything. Of course, at the beginning I had a guard up from him. I was just aware of his reputation as he was. Although, as time went by, I became less focused on that and more focused on us. Yes, I truly believed there was an us. And I suppose there was. For a while.

I didn’t see it at the time. I was more interested in what he was saying to me, not what he said about her.

Mistake number one.

` Why would he reiterate his point so much if he didn’t mean it? Now I understand that he wouldn’t have needed to reiterate it so much if he did mean it.

It seems he failed to convince himself as well. I hear they’re back together. Pete and Nichole. Nichole and Pete. God, this is going to be a mess. A mess they’re very aware of. They have got to know that this is a bad idea. A disaster waiting to happen, even. Hopefully, Chicago is a large enough city that I won’t accidentally be informed about any of this.
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