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Chapter One.

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Waking up in a white room, a button appears. Crazy, right? What would you do? What lengths would you go to?

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Alright, here's a quick story. :] Hopefully it's good. Thoughts are in italics. :] I OWN NOTHING. Also, any ideas for some new stories, like one like this, would be sweet. I could pull it off. :]

What do you think would happen if you woke up in a white room? The room is all white, blinding white and bare too. There is no way in, or out. There are blinding white lights, and the ONLY thing in the room is a black leather couch. But suddenly, a black box appears from the floor. The box opens and a small blue button appears. Unfortunately, the button says 'DO NOT PRESS'. Would you press it?

This happened to be the case...

"Come on man! Just press the damn thing!", came Frank's voice. Mikey was hesitant, "But what if it blows everything up?" Frank just sighed, "There's not even a door in this place, we'll die of suffocation first if anything." Mikey whined. "No, I meant...", Frank's voice trailed off. "I didn't mean to upset him."

After a few quiet minutes Mikey spoke, "Are you sure?" Frank nodded, "What's worse?" Mikey shrugged. He stood there, pausing. "Come on, just do it", Frank was looking at him, standing a few feet back. Mikey pressed it, it lit up red and then an alarm went off. "Uh oh", Frank looked around. Mikey whimpered, scared.

They stood in their spots, frozen as a bunch of alarms joined the first one. Somewhere a loud 'BANG' came forth. There were various others, as a machine started within the walls. A bunch of different weaponry poked out from the walls, covering nearly every inch of each wall. "Oh shit", Frank's voice came, scared. Mikey squeaked and hid behind the couch as the guns went off. Frank ducked behind the couch as well, hoping not to get hit.

Well, so I guess I'm continuing. :] YAY! Reviews are still appreciated. :] Virtual treats. :D
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