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Hey you, knock me.

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Leaving old memories behid can be hard, and so can being the new kid. Especally when your wounded after 10 minutes of being in your new school by the most beautiful boy you've seen in your life. Ca...

Category: Dir en grey - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor,Romance - Characters: Die,Kaoru,Kyo,Shinya,Toshiya - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2007-08-19 - Updated: 2007-08-19 - 897 words

Voices filled the air as a young man walked through crowed school grounds. He hated being new, it was an excuse for people to walk all over him and making friends wasn’t exactly going to be “fun” as his mother said it would. Why did we have to move? We lived there for such a long time I don’t understand what’s so good about this place anyway he growled these thoughts in his head as he slumped down on a bench that look like its had one to may asses on it. He pouted as he realized that he would be living at this place from now on. He had all of his memories back home. School memories, friends, family, and the golden memories of when he was the star for his soccer team. It made him sad that he wouldn’t be able to play anymore because of some stupid accident. Though he can walk normally it still hurt run and kick. A light hiss escaped his mouth as he folded his arms and pouted more. He doubted hat he would be able to enjoy high school like he used to. He seriously needed his guitar, he hasn’t played in two weeks and its starting to get to him. Moving is such a pain. He then sighed and tilted his head back and watched the clouds from various shapes and sizes, this always made him smile. The peaceful clouds living their peaceful lives… Wait, are clouds alive? I never thought about-
He was pushed out of his thoughts by a an extremely hard object hitting him in the face. It all happened so quick, one moment he was thinking about clouds and then he’s bleeding from his mouth and nose on the floor, and there was a huge pain right below his left eye. He gritted his teeth and opened his eyes and say a basket ball with specks of his blood on it. He was dizzy now. He heard people shouting and running near him.
“look there he is!” a boy with purple hair said and pointed in his direction. He was followed by an auburn haired boy, a blonde boy and a fiery red haired boy.
“Holy hell are alright man?” The red head said he looked at the blood oozing out of his nose and mouth.
“Does he look alright dumbass? He’s bleeding from his mouth and nose. We gotta help him” The blonde one said. With every step the blonde boy took, he felt himself coming closer and closer to passing out. Then he saw a flash of blue hair and he gave a slight gasp. A boy came from behind the blonde one and before the blond can reach him, he kneeled own in front of the bleeding boy looking terribly guilty. He was beautiful, he had amazing eyes that made you want to tackle and rape him right there, and he had the most delicious looking lips he had ever seen.
“I’m so so sooo sorry, I didn’t pay attention to what I was doing. Please let me help you “ the beautiful boy said and tried to help the very confused boy to his feet. He was unsuccessful, and him trying to help the boy resulted to dropping him by accident and him hitting his foot on the sad excuse for a bench. He cried out in pain and he fell to the floor once again. The blue haired boy gasped and hurried to the bleeding boy’s feet.
“I’m so sorry!” he said as he pulled the wounded boy to his lap, his own uniform getting covered in blood.
“Toshiya! Cant you help him without killing him? The purple haired boy yelled and slapped this so called Toshiya on the head. He glared at the purple haired man and look back down at the wounded boy, and picked him up bridal style.
“wow your a lot lighter than I thought” He stated and started to walk towards the building.
“Hey Die! grab his bag and lets go” The red head nodded and went to get his bag.what the hell is going on here? I don’t even know this guy and hes carrying me somewhere? The blue haired boy gave him a strange look.
“Hey I Haven’t seen you here before, are you new?” He questioned. The wounded boy barely managed to nod his aching head.
“What’s your name?”
“Mi-Miyavi” He spoke the best he could, his bottom lip hurt terribly.
“Well, I’m very sorry about this Miyavi. I hope you can forgive me”
Miyavi laughed slightly.
“Maybe I can find it in my heart to forgive you.. Maybe”
Toshiya looked down, the guilty expression once again appearing on his beautiful face. The auburn haired boy walked up next to Toshiya and gave a worried look. Toshiya gave him a reassuring smile.
“He’ll be ok, he just needs to rest for a bit. This is Shinya, he’s quiet but he’ll talk more once he gets to know you” The auburn man smiled down at him. They then reached a room that said “clinic”.
He looked up at the beautiful one again, he caught his gaze and smiled at him. That was the last he remembered seeing before the world turned black around him.
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