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My thoughts on my obsession of a certain rock band (Aerosmith) although not really a mention of them, just thoughts.

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Is it healthy?
only god'll know
I keep them idolized
up in my mind
cherish them from my very soul
caught up in this obsession
hidden messages in the music speak out only to me
those five faces instilled in my brain
lovin' each one
everything's memorized
froma simple line
to a facial expression
the framing of a face
by the long locks of hair
each laugh memorable
a quirky look
each picture took
it's my obsession
left for others to question
who cares I'll always love them
the throaghty laugh
one's silent manner
a prankster's quality
the scowl covering a beautiful smile
pushing the song an extra mile
each their own personality
I find my self in love with
born in the wrong decade and stuck with this obsession
one longling gaze is all I can have, one longing gaze to feed my obssesion.
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