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Nurse Iero

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"What happens when the younger sister of Gerard and Mikey gets sick? Frank saves the day, of course!"

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The apartment was trashed, completely and totally trashed, and Frank was on his way over. Alley glanced around, moving to rise from the couch to begin a hasty cleaning spree. Of course, after fifteen minuets she felt like she was about to pass out, but even in her weakened state, she could never let Frank know how messy the place could get.

"I will be killing both of my brothers once they come home." Alley muttered as she collapsed onto the couch once the place was somewhat cleaner. She couldn't believe that she would ever do this for someone who she had always considered 'her brothers' friend' but lately, since they had come home from the European tour as The Black Parade, Frank was different. He was friendlier, more out going, less silent. After a few weeks Mikey confided in Alley, telling her that Frank and his girlfriend were no longer together. Alley nodded when Mikey told her this, but it didn't really play a part in what she felt now. It was just an explanation to his better mood. The couple had spent the better part of their last six months fighting. Alley was friends with Frank, though never as close to him as Gerard or Mikey were, and had listened the few times he called her to talk. Since his arrival home the two of them had begun to hang out more and more. Now, after Gerard had informed Frankie this morning Alley was feeling under the weather, Frank was on his way over to take care of Alley.

The knock on the apartment door caused Alley to jump slightly.

"Alley, it's me, Frank." Frank's calming voice came from outside the apartment the oldest and youngest Way siblings shared whenever Gerard was home from tours. Alley called out for Frank to come on in, her voice slightly hoarse, and then listened as Frank pushed the unlocked door open and then heard his beat-up shoes shuffle across her now- clean carpet.

"Hey Frank. Sorry I look so bad. You didn’t have to come over," Alley said from her lounging spot on the couch. She moved ever so slightly, telling Frank with her body language to come and sit by her. He did, sitting next to her hips with a smile.

"You don't look too bad, just a little icky."

Alley sent Frank a forced smile, but said nothing more. They sat there for a moment before Frank rose again, moving toward the kitchen.

"Have you eaten anything today?" Frank asked over his shoulder. Alley made sounds in her throat that told him she hadn't which was all he needed to know. Alley, from her spot on the couch, could hear Frank making noises in the kitchen that SOUNDED like he was cooking. Alley had gone on tour with these boys; she knew the ONLY member of My Chemical Romance who could cook worth a damn was Bob. Alley shifted, started to get up, but Frank's face popped back into view through the door way.

"Don't you dare get up, Allison Way. I will bring you food in just a moment." He smiled innocently before disappearing again.

Alley sighed, leaning back into the pillows she had set up for herself on the couch. It was more than a moment, more like another fifteen minuets, before Frank came waltzing back into the living room, holding a large green bowl full of a steaming something. Alley tried to sniff, to see what Frank was bringing her, but her nose was so clogged she could have never made it out. She reached out, as if to take if from him, but he laughed, pulling the bowl away from her as he settled down on the coffee table.

"No, Sicky, I told your brothers, and you, that I was going to take care of you today. Which means I get to feed you!" Frank giggled like a girl before fishing the spoon out of the bowl and blowing on the soup, a weird form of chicken noodle, before moving it to her lips.

After hesitating a mere moment, Alley opened her mouth, and met the delicious flavor of shrimp Ramen Noodles.

Alley actually went "mmm" as she chewed the food deliberately. She hadn't eaten in days because of her cold and now the food, being fed to her by Frank, seemed the best she had ever enjoyed.

"Ok, so I can't cook that well, Alley. You are hurting my feelings." Frank said, faking a pout. Alley laughed, almost choking on her food, before swallowing.

"No, Frankie, it is amazing. I love it." She looked at the spoon in Frank’s hand, to the bowl, to Frank’s eyes. "More, please?"

He laughed and began to feed Alley once more. He didn't stop until the bowl was nearly empty. That's when he put the bowl on the table and smiled at her.

"Do you wanna watch some movies or somethin'?" Frank asked in a sort of an awkward voice that Alley wasn't used to.

She nodded, not knowing what else to do. Frank fetched a DVD from Alley's collection. Alley struggled to sit up so she could share the couch with Frank. Frank sat behind Alley, pulling her back to recline across him.

"No need to be uncomfortable, darling." He whispered in Alley's ear, his hot breath tickling her and causing her to shiver.

As the movie played, some old classic that in all reality her brother, Gerard, owned, Alley found her eyes growing heavy. Something about Frank being there calmed her, relaxed her, and the next thing either of them knew, Alley was asleep.

Frank smirked when he realized her breathing had evened out. His gaze went from the TV to the girl who was currently using him as a pillow. She had all the beautiful qualities of her brothers, feminized into Alley. Her skin was as pale as Gerard's, and behind the soft skin of her eyelids, that Frank had to fight the sudden urge to kiss, were the 'Way' eyes. Hazel in the way the green and brown fought for dominance, and a sweet almond shape. She had a more pointed face, like her brother Mikey yet it lacked the almost rodent quality Mikey's could give off with just the right stare. Yet her hair, a rich chestnut color that hung in waves almost to her hips, was all her own.

The movie had come to an end long ago. Frank, too, had fallen asleep; and the house was quiet when Gerard came home from his long day (of Starbucks and shopping with Mikey) to find his little sister and his best friend lying on the couch. A smile played across his lips as he backed out of the house, leaving them to themselves.

Two arms squeezed Alley closer to the body next to her, which was something she was not used to. Instantly she woke up, looking behind her to see a sleeping Frank Iero. A smile played across her lips as she looked for a moment longer.

"Frankie, wake up," Alley whispered, poking his hand, which lay across her stomach. He stirred, turning his head to bury his face in the pillow under his head.

"No. Comfy. Sleep more," he mumbled, pulling Alley against him. "You sleep too, Sicky." He sounded cute, like a small child, making Alley smile again. She rolled onto her side, facing Iero on the uncomfortably small couch, and giggled.

"Frank, come on. At least let me go. The movie’s over and I want to watch another one." Her heart was racing. Her breathing was slightly shallow. Her palms were sweaty. She was just the littlest bit nervous. She wasn't thinking about any of this, just letting it play out. After all, how many times had Allison Way fallen asleep before with any of the random members of MCR? Occupational hazard of being the little sister of both the bassist and the lead singer.

"No. Stay here. You smell good."

Frank had yet to open his eyes, something Alley wished he would do. She always did love his hazel eyes. What the heck am I thinking? Just get him up, and get him going. That's all there is to this now, girl. Alley shook her head, leaning closer to Frank, trying to wake him up.

"Frank, please get up. Gerard'll be home so-" However much Alley wanted to wake Frank, Frank wanted to stay asleep. So he did the only thing he could do to get her mouth to stop talking: distract it by making it do something else. In this case, it was busy kissing Frank's mouth. When he pulled away a second or so later, he opened one eye to see her eyes were still closed.

"See, sleepy time," Frank said happily.

Alley was at a loss for words, and just sat there for a moment, semi-puckered up still for more kissing. Frank opened his eyes again and, seeing this, leaned in again. This time, Alley was a little less surprised and pressed her lips against his forcefully. This only led to Frank's tongue sweeping across Alley's bottom lip, begging for entrance, which she happily granted. After minutes of tonsil-hockey Frank pulled away again.

"Now can I go back to sleep?" he said in jest. Alley hit his shoulder playfully, laughing at what had just happened. For a second they just sat there, wrapped still in each other's arms, watching each other. That was, until, Alley found her voice again.

"Did you..."

"Yea." Frank answered.

"And I..."


"Then we..."


"So this means?"

"Alley, I've known you forever. And you have known me for just as long. You should know what it means by now," Frank laughed, embarrassed slightly by the way Alley was making this a big deal.

"Spell it out for me, please?" Alley asked, her eyes still showing her confusion. Frank knew of her poor troubles with love and lust from the past and, knowing how much he cared about her, decided to do just what she wanted.

"I like you, tons and bunches, for a long ass time. So, I was thinking, since you are such an amazing kisser, maybe you would like to make us kissing a sort of official thing. You know." Frank leaned in, kissing Alley one more time. "Alley Way, will you be my girlfriend?"

Alley gave Frank a toothy grin and nodded. Suddenly they both felt like they were back in high school, not both 20-somethings out in the real big bad world.

"I would like nothing more." She kissed him once more before settling back into the laying-in-Frank's-arms position. Frank kissed the back of Alley's head, glad that it was said and done with and he finally had something he wanted. He closed his eyes, ready to settle back into sleep when Alley began to giggle.

"What is it now?" Frank asked, faking annoyance.

"I feel much better now." Alley said. Frank sighed and laughed a little.

"I'm glad." He closed his eyes once more, thinking it was time to sleep again when again Alley's sweet voice broke the silence.

"Hey, Frankie?"

"Yea Alley?"

"You've caught my cold now, I bet."
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