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Watch out. After this chapter, the content gets REAL mature. Not recommened for 13 and younger.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-08-20 - Updated: 2007-08-20 - 767 words

I tossed the water at Seth’s face. He came to.
“Where am I?” He sputtered.
“You’re home. It’s okay.” Gee said quietly.
Seth looked around.
“This isn’t home.”
He saw Frank Iero, Bob Bryar, Mikey Way, Alicia Way, Ray Toro, among others. Gerard and Eliza came up to him.
“It will be now. You and brother and sister will live with me.” Gerard explained.
I looked to Wendy who was being held back by Mikey.
“NO! They are my children! I should get children! You have no authority!” She screamed.
“Man, I don’t care, this place is totally rocking!” said the other boy.
He jumped onto the couch, then off again.
“Dad, can I have a Porsche?” He giggled.
Gerard rolled his eyes.
Some of the MCR’s children were there. Derek, Frank Iero’s 15-year-old son was there.
“I think you guys should stay with us. I mean, there’s no harm in that.” Derek suggested.
Seth’s brother walked up to him.
“I’m down with that idea…one hundred,” He then smiled flirtatiously, “percent.”
I looked at Sethy. I pretended to gag and he forced himself not to laugh.
“I see gayness runs in the family.” I whispered in his ear and then looked at Gerard and Seth’s brother.
He elbowed me and I fell to ground and started a fit of laughter. Yah, I was wasted, so what?
“This is bullshit. I’m leaving.” Seth’s sister said.
She walked to door.
“Kira, please come back!” Gerard called.
She stopped and sighed. She spun around and came back.
“Everyone sit down.” He ordered.
I sat up. Seth plopped down beside, and Kira sat beside Derek. She touched his leg and smiled.
“Get your paws off my man sista.” Seth’s brother growled.
She took her hand off and glared at him.
“Wow, I told the sex addict part runs in the family.” I whispered again.
He chuckled.
“Seth, Zach, Kira, and what’s your name again?” Gerard started.
“Wendy.” Miss Klause sobbed.
“Right Wendy. I’m sure we can settle this a…erm…adult way.” Gerard finished.
“Alright, I vote staying with mom. So name your poison Gee. Drinking, arm wrestling, yo momma, waste till you drop, singing, I’m bigger than you contest, etcetera. Me and my posse can beat you in anything!” Seth bragged.
I looked to Seth and rolled my eyes.
“I still whoop your ass at anything Sethy boyyyy! I’m seven times bigger than you, and that’s when I fold it in half.” I challenged.
He got up, and then pulled me up.
“Twice.” I added insult to the injury.
I loved doing that.
“Is that so, Mr…Peterson?” Seth insulted.
I sneered. I hit the wall and made a dent in it.
“Seth. You don’t say that. Not even jokingly.” I growled.
Blood dripped from my fist.
“Come on spaz, just a joke, don’t cry over the splided beer.” He laughed.
I hit him. Not in the face, between the legs. Yah. He collapsed.
“Hey, don’t get worked up, and don’t hurt my son!” Gerard yelled.
“Shut the fuck up! You have no right taking Seth away from me!” I screamed.
Wow. Did I mention that I was curious bi? My face softened.
Hey, only as I write this do I know how bad my anger is. Seth looked up from the ground.
“So what! You sack me, just because you don’t want our friendship, or maybe you wanted more than that, but you sack me because of him?” Seth laughed between the pains.
A smile went on my face.
“You were the closet one.” I laughed.
Seth got up, and pulled his brother and sister toward Miss Klause.
“I say we should go with the one who gave birth to us.” Seth said proudly.
“Are we leaving?” Zach asked.
“Yep.” Kira sighed.
“Oh okay. Buh bye baby.” Zach said to Derek.
And with that he went over and passionately kissed Derek. Wow, it’s still awkward after five years of listening to them fuck eachother. Oh yah, after this chapter, the swearing and the content gets reeeeeal mature. I really like going deep with the sex scenes since Zach and Seth are my bestest mates. And they like to tell me EVERYTHING. Plus, it’ll be fun bringing back memories of my and muh diamond dawgs. Oh that reminds me we have a concert tonight, so end chapter!
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