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Unshed Tears

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R/L Logan's thoughts after Rory offers to 'help' him with an article.

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Title: Sparkle of Unshed Tears

Author: MsLessa

Rating: G

Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing to do with Gilmore Girls. Not even a copy of the DVD's.


He knows he's disappointed her.

He knows that he's hurt her feelings by not asking her to go to the Book Party with him.

He can see it in the way she's biting her lip and the how her eyes have lost that sparkle.

He can see that she's biting her bottom lip while trying to stiffen her upper one.

How could he have not known that she was angling for an invite. It was totally obvious from the way she chattered at their little note session.

And that was another thing.

He never expected her to pull such a girly stunt as to offer and 'help' him write a story. It seemed so out of character for her. But it was cute none the less.

He sighed, his breath showing in the cold night air as the look of disappoint that was on her face presented itself to his mind's eye once again.

But he kept walking.

Walking away from her and situation with which she presented him. She'd be the perfect girlfriend. She was witty, and pretty, and all the things that attracted him and he knew without a shadow of a doubt that he would have parental approval for dating her.

That's why he stayed away.

She was to perfect. She was a girlfriend-type girl. The one you wanted when it was time to settle down and get serious. He wasn't ready for that. (though there was some niggling doubt buzzing in his skull). That little joke she had retaliated with had sent him into a frenzy of panic.

It was too soon after that for him to even think about appearing with her anywhere his parents or her grandparents might be. They'd take it as a sign that maybe there was something really there and plans would be casually discussed among them in a 'what if' scenario that wasn't really casual at all.


Better to walk away now, no matter how much it hurt to know that he had dimmed the sparkle in her eyes, only to replace it with another much more hurtful sparkle.

The sparkle of unshed tears.
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