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Chapter One.

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Choose your own way. This is a new writing style, you may like it, you might not. Either way. I won't add another chaper til YOU choose.

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Hey, I'm trying something out. Hope you like it, if not, then I'll just wait until someone comments. Yes, I have big plans for this story, either way it goes. :]
Reviews are a must for this to continue, you'll get what I mean by the end of this chapter. I own nothing more than the plot, anything you recognize, I do NOT own. :]
Please continue. :D

Mikey, Gerard, Ray, Bob and Frank were all walking down the pathway deep within the woods. Sure, this was a bit cliche, but they were. They were bored, and their bus had been broken down.

"Come on! This isn't fair! Just because I'm short doesn't mean you can pick on me! Hmmph!", Frank crossed his arms. "Aw c'mon you know we were just playin'", Mikey stated. Frank smiled, "I know."

After a little while they came upon a small house, they were pretty tired. "Come on, it's creepy! I don't want to go in. I wanna keep walkin'", Frank said. "Plus, it's all worn out and torn down", Ray said. "It looks like it's about to cave in, why go?", Bob asked. "Exactly let's keep moving please Gee?", Mikey begged. Gerard sighed, "But we've been walking for HOURS." "But this house is like old and icky", Frank made a face. "Ugh, you guys are hopeless", Gerard said. "Well, then what are we going to do now?", Bob asked. "What's with you and questions, that's all you've been doing, asking questions", Frank turned to him. "What's your point?", Bob replied. "Guys, come on, which way?", Ray asked.

They looked at their surroundings. It was either into the creepy two story house in front of them, or one of two pathways. The left pathway was pitch black and surrounded by thick trees. The right pathway had some patches of moonlight, but still had the same trees. Or, they could go back. Either way, they were faced with a decision.

Alright guys, now this is up to you! Whichever one gets the most votes, they shall go down!

A- into the creepy two story run down house.
B- down the left pathway into the darkest of night.
C- down the right pathway, which had semi lighting.
D- back the way they came.

You guys tell me. :] I'll take whichever has the most votes by the end of tonight, or tomorrow morning. Oh wait, I have school. Alright, tomorrow AFTERNOON. Whichever I get the most by. Anywhoo, hope you enjoyed it so far.

Readers beware, you choose the scare!

-R.L. Stine.

I love that guy, he rocks. :D
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