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She's Not Bleeding On The Ballroom Floor Just For The Attention

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Romeo and Juliet spin.

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This was supposed to be the best night of her life. She was eighteen today. Today, life was supposed to be perfect. But to be perfect, she would have to be with the one she loved. Yet, he wasn't there. And she understood. He was, after all, a Urie. And she a Ross. They were lost in a blood feud that could rival the Montague's and Capulet's. So, yes, Brendon Urie was her Romeo, and Katelyn Ross was his Juliet. They knew this from the beginning, or almost.

The plans had been in place for months now. The mafia boss of a father Katie Ross had went all out for her, telling her she could have anything she wanted for this party. But Katelyn never was the one for an artistic eye, so she relied on Brendon to tell her what she needed. So with his help she figured out what she wanted, a masquerade ball, but with a twist, a circus, vaudeville, feel. There would be a wire trapeze with a high flying act high above the dancers. There were to be fire breathers, woman in scandalous clothing twisting themselves into knots, animal handlers with lions, tigers, and bears all on chain leashes. Brendon had even said she should ask for an elephant, but there was no way you can just rent one of those. And the plus side of masks, was that Brendon could come. No one would see him for what he was because he would be hidden in the soft black velvet masks all the gentlemen were wearing. The girls, except for Katie, wore masks of a red wine color. Her's was to be gold, as was her brother's, Ryan. That was her fathers idea, and Katie in no way was going to tell him 'no'.

So, with all this planed out by Brendon, Katie needed him there. Brendon said no, that if he were caught it would be death to him and to her if they knew about the relationship they had. But Katie was so sure that it would work out. And then they could run away together. At midnight, when the masks came off, Brendon and Katie would be far from the city, onto a new life together. They had so much money already, they were both so rich in their own rights, that it didn't matter. They could run and be set. At least, that is what Katie was dreaming of as she sat there, waiting to join her party that was already in full swing downstairs.

"Katie, sweetie." There was a hand, light and comforting, on Katie's shoulder and for a second her heart stopped. But when she turned, it was only Ryan, his dark brown hair all slicked back as was the fashion of the party, and his gold mask hiding all but his big brown eyes. "Are you ready to go yet?" Katie smiled, nodding, and rose from her seat. She put her own mask on, lacing the satin ribbon under her hair and tying it in place.

"Thank you, Ryan." She whispered as Ryan took her arm to escort her into the ballroom. "Thank you for everything. You are the most amazing big brother, I love you." Katie pulled her arm away, just long enough to engulf Ryan in a tight hug, then let him take her arm back.

"I love you, too, Katelyn."


He couldn't understand how this could have gone so far. How this feud had escalated to this point was beyond his reason, but all Brendon wanted to do was to go back. He wanted to find the beginnings of this 'blood war' and knock his and Katie's ancestors heads in.

"You ready to roll, Bren?" At the sound of his name, or nickname, Brendon's head snapped up, looking from the cool velvet of the mask in his hand, to Spencer Smith's round face. His hair was slicked back away from his washed out brown eyes. Brendon's own, dark brown hair was slicked back as well, back from his almost black eyes. Brent Wilson, the other member of Brendon's little 'gang' sat in the back, his long hair not slicked. Brendon said it would look like mullet, and he knew how much Katie hated mullets. Brendon felt insanely sad for these two, who had been dragged into this feud without rhyme or reason. There were so many people left to suffer because two people couldn't get along.

"Let's just get this over with." Brendon, with a sigh, slid into the passenger seat, pulling the mask he held down over his face. Too many plans were in place tonight, too many hidden agendas, Brendon couldn't keep up. The words swirled in his brain and he wasn't sure who he should listen to.


They met a year ago to the day. Katelyn was doing something she did best, run from her problems. And she ran right into Brendon. She didn't know at the time that he was Brendon. Even with the exchange of first names, they were too wrapped up in their own discoveries to realize that these were the people they were supposed to fear. But teenagers are never the most intelligent creatures, prone to be rash and to follow their hearts rather than their heads. So then, when the discovery of their parentage occurred, they knew at once they would be the ones to defy the odds and to live 'happily ever after'.


"Invitations." Brendon reluctantly handed over the card Katelyn gave to him for their own future, the one where none of this grandeur and blood would be relevant. This was their 'golden ticket', freedom in life.

"The plan, Brendon, the plan." Spencer waved his hand in front of Brendon's face, grabbing the heir to the Urie legacy's attention. "As soon as Prince and Princess Ross enter the room, let go." Brendon nodded, swallowing hard. He couldn't follow Spencer's, and his father's, orders. They were flies, insignificant to Brendon now. All that mattered was Katie. And he would be the one to save her. He had to. She meant too much.

"Now presenting Miss Katelyn Ross." Brendon cast a glance as the vision that was Katie before fixing his eyes to where he knew Spencer stood. Spencer's eyes were attached on to were the doors were opening and where Katie was coming out. Brendon watched as, slowly, Spencer's arm rose, waiting for Katie and Ryan. Brendon reached into the pocket he knew the sleek black handgun was and took it out, tears welling in his eyes.

"I'm so sorry."

A shot rang out, vibrating off the walls of the ballroom as the intended target fell to the ground. Brendon stood in shook, holding the literal smoking gun. And Spencer Smith, his best friend in the world, lay on the floor in a pool of his own blood. Quickly Brendon wheeled around, shooting Brent in the back as his friend ran, realizing that Brendon was no longer on his side. Then Brendon lowered the gun and tunred to face his beloved, his Katie, who looked at him with horror. Brendon removed his mask before mouthing 'I love you.' He never heard the third gun shot, just noticed suddenly his back, along his spine, was hot and wet.


Katie ran to the fallen Brendon, her knees crashing to the hard wood floor. She pounded his blood soaked chest, screaming. She told him he had to wake up. This wasn't fair. She loved him too, and they had to live happily ever after. She needed him. But it was too late, Brendon Urie was dead. Her hands fell from him, landing on something warm and sleek. Katie smirked wickedly as she picked up Brendon's fallen gun.

"Oh happy dagger."
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