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Chronicles of Trevor

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This is about Trevor a vampire. This has a different spin on vampires in general. I'm new to writing and would like to know how everyone likes this. So I know whether to scrap it or keep working on...

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Trevor stretched his long spindly legs over his futon. Man he was exhausted. Last night was a very difficult night with his dreams. He’s always had nightmares but not like these. He stood up and stretched his back and arms. He yawned and extracted his fangs as he did. He glanced around quickly his one bedroom apartment to see if Valeria was still asleep. Her small body was still rising and falling in the rhythm of sleep on his double bed. He slapped his forehead in frustration. Val came over last night because of a crisis with her parents regarding her and Trevor’s ongoing relationship. Not that they hadn’t been intimate or anything, but damn, Val was eighteen and was still being treated like a child with no sense. She would be graduating in three more weeks and be off to Dartmouth in the fall. He grinned. She was so excited about going and he was so proud of her getting in. Then he frowned. He didn’t know where that was going to put them as far as the relationship was concerned. Last night he admitted to her that he loved her but didn’t want things to go too fast. She had a whole life ahead of her Trevor thought grimly. He didn’t know exactly how she would fit into his world yet.

He padded over to the kitchen. Oh well, one day at a time was his motto. In his world anything could change in a split second. He decided he would ring up Vomer, his mentor, later for some advice on to handling this relationship with Val. He glanced at her apprehensively. He’d almost forgotten that he needed to take his syringe for the morning. These syringes were made up of vaccines for the registered vampires of the world. There were not many registered vampires but enough to where they all needed these syringes. The syringes could look like the typical one a diabetic would use to control their blood sugar. They possessed a complicated vaccine full of synthetic human blood to keep the vampires alive without causing an excess of “hunting”. Vampires are just like humans but they have a genetic deformity that caused their blood not to reproduce in their systems. The regular human world was unaware of this condition. Vamps had exceptional brain functions but something about the way they worked didn’t allow for a certain chemical, BRS, to help reproduce the red blood cells in the vamps’ bodies. Fortunately this vaccine was developed years ago before humans became properly socialized and educated. They believed too many myths about vamps for the longest and were scared to be around vamps. He smiled coyingly. One fact they didn’t know is that all vamps were male and they were regulated by the Vampire Regulation Control Center.

Speaking of the VRCC, they frowned upon making life matches without them involved. He sighed. They also strictly forbade outsiders knowing anything about the vampire community. They were scared of a pandemonium from the humans. Vomer was human but he already knew the inside and out of VRCC. He never explained to Trevor how and why he knew so much about the VRCC. Trevor figured that he must have been in on the initial peace treaties that started centuries ago. In return, the humans were given antidotes to vampire bites. Apparently this helped the longevity for the humans. That was another rule. The humans had to be male also. The only way for the genetic mutations to pass on for this gene was a male. It was completely sex-linked. There has never been a female vampire. Ever.

He sighed. The rumors of vamps being immortal were completely untrue. That is one of the rumors the VRCC liked keeping in circulation. Trevor didn’t understand the reasoning behind it but suspected it was because it made the humans believe that there could never be any vampires. It put them in a rock and a hard place because since they did at least live three times longer than the average human, having a nice relationship and a monogamous one was extremely difficult for them to find. An average vamp had at least two or three “lifetime” mates. All of these mates were regulated by the VRCC of course. The VRCC brainwashed their mates into thinking life was totally different from the way it really was. They usually ended up on the humans missing people data base for the rest of their lives. At that he glanced back at Valeria. Was she going to be his first lifetime mate? He shuddered at the thought of what would happen. He couldn’t see allowing the VRCC to wipe out her plans for Dartmouth and all her childhood. On top of that, she’d never be allowed to see her family again. If she ever knew, she’d never forgive him. What right did any of these people have to do something like that to someone so beautiful?!?

He sighed again. He would need to sire sons and daughters though. Of course, the sons would be highly regulated and if the gene for the vamp passed on to those sons then those would be taken away and placed in the facility to be raised and taught the vamp codes. You never were allowed to know who your sire was. All that was regulated for the safety of the vamps according to the VRCC. Anyway, maybe he should cook some scrambled eggs and put on some coffee. He was tired of thinking of all the vamps codes. One thing he did love was the fact that one of the other rumors that circulated is that vamps were the undead and that they didn’t have the need for the use of human food. Ha! They were as alive as the humans were. They needed food just as much. It was a clever plot to deceive them so that vamps could inconspicuously be able to live among the humans in peace. They were harming no one. They were trying to survive just as the humans were. Unfortunately there were some very basic human needs that vamps still had like sex, sleep, food, and emotional relationships. That was one way to think about it.

“Mmmmm. What’s that wonderful smell?” mumbled Valeria when she padded into the kitchen and wrapped her lovely arms around him. “I didn’t realize you could cook. You’re full of surprises, huh?”

“Yeah. I’m just full of them. If I tell you all them then I’ll have to kill you.” he crookedly grinned at her. She giggled in response.

“Seriously though. Don’t ever expect me to ever cook for you, Trevor.”

“Why is that?”

“Have you ever heard the expression ‘can’t boil water?’ ” she inquired.

“Oh so I should never let you in my kitchen unsupervised then?”


“Then we’re a perfect match.” he answered but was thinking of a totally different match. Why couldn’t he be able to be happy with her the way she was? He couldn’t do that with her he guessed. He’d have to let her go. She meant something too much too him. How could he ever take her essence away from her? He’ll consult Vomer later. Then there was this parent issue that needed to be taken care of. He guessed he’d break it off then so she wouldn’t get kicked out for staying with him. He sighed heavily.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Your parents and how we’re gonna handle them. You have to admit, storming out like a child and coming over to my place wasn’t the best way to handle things. In fact, it actually strengthens their side of the argument Val.” he replied while bracing for the furious retorts next.

“I seriously don’t see why I have to be monitored like a baby.” she began. “Hell, I’m eighteen years old.”

Trevor held up his hand. “I know all this, Babe.”

“Why are you cutting me off, Trev?”

“I feel like maybe we should sit down with your folks and see if we can come to some type of understanding and agreement. I feel like we are handling this in a way that is putting them off.” he continued. “If we approach this a little differently then maybe they will see that we are handling this maturely and they will be more permissive of our relationship.”

“Who cares what they think? I’m eighteen and about to graduate. I’m also about to start college. I’ve kept everything up to their standards and look where it’s getting me now!” she exclaimed.

He gently cupped her chin in his hands, looking into her soft brown eyes that he adored and that held him almost as captive as other pressing aspects in his life. His breath caught as he spoke and looked at the ground. “I will not and cannot allow my relationship with you to jeopardize your relationship with your parents.”

He also knew that by playing this card would allow him to buy some time to figure everything out as how she would fit into his life. He sighed. Why did everything have to be so difficult?

“What’s wrong?” she cut into his thoughts. “Are you thinking of breaking up with me to make things easier?”

His eyes flashed up to hers. “What are you talking about?”

“You just sighed like you’re regretting being with me or something!”

“No, no it’s not like that.” he spoke quietly in response.

“Then why did you sigh like that?” she squeaked out.

“It’s just that there’s so much about me that you don’t know. I’m trying to figure everything out. I’m trying to figure out where you fit in my life and how far you are willing to go.” he explained. “I’m working out the details. I’ve never ever ever felt like this about anyone. Ever. I believe I love you.”

Valeria shouted. “I love you too! Man, it feels so good to know you feel the same!”

“I’m glad we’re on the same page.” he breathed a sigh of relief. “We’ve got alot of details to work out like kids and stuff.”

“She squealed. “You are really thinking about us as a future couple!”

“Yes. Yes I am.” he acknowledged. “Like I said, a lot of stuff to work out like even a wedding and engagement rig and stuff like that. I want to work out everything to the best.”

“Let’s go do it now!” she gushed. “If we get married now then my parents would have o choice but to accept us!”

“Wait a minute.”

“I can finish and graduate and still go to Dartmouth in the Fall.” she continued seamlessly.


“Then when I finish, we can have out children. I hope our kids get you beautiful grey eyes. We can move to Manhattan and everything afterwards. We always both wanted to go there.” she continued in one breath, completely oblivious to Trevor.


She started out of her reverie. “What’s wrong? You don’t have to shout.”

“Your parents.” he answered flatly.

“I told you to forget about them. Screw them.” she said hotly.

“I reinterate. I don’t want to mess things up between them and you. I respect them too much to do this. I want their proper blessing from the start. No ands, ifs, or buts. End of discussion. I’ll let you think it over before you say anything to them.” he stated authoritively.

“They only want what is best for them and not for me!” she screamed. “When are you gonna get that?”

“I know. I know. I want to try to do what is right first and then go by alternate means.” he replied. He looked her in the eyes again. “Please do this for me, Baby?”

“Okay if it means that much to you. I will. It doesn’t mean I have to like it.” She agreed bitterly.

“Thank you so much.” he breathed a sigh of relief.

She inquired. “Why does this mean so much to you, Trev?”

“Because your family would be the only family I have and I don’t want to start off being estranged from them.” he lied. He bit his lip. He hated lying to her.

She gasped. “Oh I’m so ignorant, selfish, and pigheaded to not see things from your side!”

“It’s okay. It’s okay.” Trevor responded, hushing her apology for a split second.

“But I’m so sorry.” She whimpered.

He touched his right index to her lips. “No more talking. I’m starving!”

“Yes all this has me famished!” Valeria said getting the hind that this topic of debate was finished for today. At least for now she though grudgingly. Her stomach growled as though to remind her where her current priorities lay.

“I made scrambled eggs, toast, and sausage.” Trevor answered her stomach.

“Yum.” she sighed. She made a face. “You know I hate to cook, huh?”

“I sure do. I don’t care.” he grinned back foolishly. “I know what I’m signing on for though.”

“You’re so good to me.” she bit her lip.” I could reward you for your effort.”

You need to go back to your parents and settle things with them.” he interjected. “Do it smartly also. You know that I’ve got to go to work also.”

She became infuriated. “Well I didn’t think you had to be such a jackass about it.”

“Sweetie I’ve got so much on my mind right now.” Trevor responded to her accusation. He was thinking of the upcoming talk with Vomer.

“I guess your right about being preoccupied.” Valeria observed. She sucked in her breath. “Yeah there is about fifty million things to think about.”

“Yes, Baby. There’s so much. It’s pretty overwhelming” he said. “You done eating?”

“Yes it was wonderful. Do you want me to clean up since you cooked?” she asked.

“Nah. Just go ahead and get dressed for now. I’ll do them when I get home later.” he answered gratefully. She would make such a good wife for him. That’s why he needed to talk to Vomer so badly.

“You’re sure? I really don’t mind.”

It dawned on him. “Quit stalling and get dressed.”

She laughed. “You certainly know me, huh?”

He nodded. “Go on now.” He playfully slapped her on the butt.

“Yes sir.” Valeria smartly saluted back with a crooked grin. Then she headed off to the bathroom.

He shook his head. She was nuts. He loved her and that’s all he needed. He doubt he’d ever find someone so unique. Even for his other lifetime mates. At least vamps didn’t visibly age as bad as the humans. He should be able to look middle aged by the time he needed to look for his next mate. He shuddered. He didn’t want anyone but Valeria.

She popped her head into the kitchen. “I’m done.”

Trevor looked over and checked her up and down appreciatively. Her plaid mini was freshly washed and starched to perfection and she had starched one of his white oxfords as well. She had added her own flair to it by tying a knot on the side.
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