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Picture Imperfect

by iwanthim 1 review

a poem about my family

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Drama - Published: 2007-08-22 - Updated: 2007-08-22 - 347 words - Complete

Please stop crying, but it's too hard
Why does this have to happen?
Why do they have to play the child card?
She's dragging us in the middle
Oh God, I can't breathe
I have to keep together, but there's no need
Little sis has lost her composure
Guess it's safe for me to now
This family's falling apart, and I don't know how
Mom blames the new girl
Dad blames Mom
The friendship my parents had is now all gone
Dad's drunk and yelling
All I can do is cry
Right now I wish I would die
Mom's trying to get us to take her side
We aren't supposed to choose
Please Dad, stop yelling and sleep off the boose
One of my friends please call me
I need a friendly voice
Mom wants to take us home
Do we have a choice?
We're not supposed to be in this
This is between you
We're both your kids
What are we supposed to do?
I'm already fragile enough
The words are cutting deep
I can't toughen up
Why won't my phone ring?
I need to escape
You can't to tell me that your three
years of friendship were fake
The sobs won't slow down
But with Dad's yelling they're all drowned
Where's a gun?
I need to put it to my head
Maybe they'll stop yelling when they notice I'm dead
The new girl said nothing about Mom
She's really quite nice
But for Mom that just won't suffice
I know Mom's just worried and a little bit jealous
But does she really have to act this over zealous
Mom's meantioning us again
But she won't admit she's hurting us
Why is she making such a fuss?
Right now I feel so invisible
I just need to curl up on my bed
Then I can get some sleep
And welcome sweet dreams into my head
I can go back to the time when we were young
When we made a snowman in the yard
Back to when we were a family and things weren't so hard
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