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Kufuri, Ren'aika, Katei

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The relationships between members of Team Seven and how they change.

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Kufuri, Ren’aika, Katei

Disclaimer: If I owned Naruto, things would be very different. Also, I make no money off of this. Sadly.

Author’s Note: I have horses, and therefore have little extra money. I have not read the manga, have seen only so much of the anime as has been aired on Adult Swim. So, this is probably a bit on the AU side. The characters are also at least 18, I should hope that much is obvious even if I have shied away from specifics.


The dynamics of team seven were rather easily summed up, at first. Naruto loves Sakura, Sakura loves Sasuke, Sasuke loves … hate? And Kakashi doesn’t like any of them in the least, but he’s their teacher now and is, as such, stuck with them.

Things were simpler then, even if they were never simple. These days its Naruto loves Sakura loves Sasuke loves Naruto loves Sasuke loves Sakura loves Naruto. And Kakashi … he likes them. Possibly more than he should. He knows better.

And then Kakashi gets drawn in during a mission, and the three of them must have planned this, he came to realize later. Mostly Sakura, she hated to leave anyone out.

“You don’t need me,” he says to them later, “I’m damaged goods, an old man.”

“Not that old,” Naruto insists, despite previous claims.

Sasuke just frowns and looks almost amused.

Sakura laughs, and it comes out sounding jaded. “Sensei, the village hates Naruto, fears Sasuke, and disapproves of me for living with two men, neither of which I’m married to. We’re all damaged goods."

And Kakashi hates it that they see it this way, but can’t help but feel relieved.

It’s still just Naruto and Sasuke and Sakura, most of the time. And Kakashi still lives alone. But he’s not alone, because they frequently drag him into bed with malicious designs on his innocence. Not that he has any.

And things are still more complicated because Sakura wants children, but she still isn’t married and she couldn’t choose anyway. Naruto wants children, because he wants someone to love the way he never was, but really shouldn’t have any. Sasuke needs children, to revive his clan, but he’s not sure he wants any. Kakashi needs children, to remind him there is more to life as a shinobi than death and survival, but the thought simply hasn’t occurred to him.

Sakura doesn’t know who she wants to have her first child, but she knows she’ll have one for each of them. Partly because she thinks they deserve an almost real family, and partly because she doesn’t want them to just end when they die. And a very small part of her wants reminders of each of them that she can love and hug and kiss, because she knows that she’ll probably be the last to die, even if it kills them. The thought fills her heart with fear and love, but it’s okay. Because they are shinobi, and the way of the shinobi is to fight and survivve and die for others.


End note: Reviews are love. Also, I am not new to this fandom, just new to writing it. As such, concrit is also love.
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