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Waht happens in the closet stayes in the closet(NOT!)

by sasuke_shikamaru_fan 3 reviews

sakura,sasuke,a locked closet...ummm...i wonder what will happen???after being locked in a clothes for almost 2 hours the 2 have to go back to class while a big rumor has been spread about the two ...

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it was 9:00am durring passing time when sasuke got in trouble for punching garra like he was his bitch and leaving blood all over the floor.( so kakashi made him clean it up. so sasuke went into to the tiny broom closet(mummbaling things like"fucking little garra got me in trouble,bitch") to grab the mop. Garra decided to get revenge so he pushed sasuke in and locked the door!

sasuke screamed let me out or i'll kick ur ass so hard your brain will hurt...or whats left of it!(lol) about 15 minuts later sakura walks by the closet and hears sasuke yelling yet garra has ran away... sakura says "sasuke,why r u in their?" because i like the smell!(sarcasticly) garra locked me in here cause i beat his ass! thats nice sakura replyes. saukra? askes sasuke.

what?she answers? r u going to get me out of here or what! ok ok hold on... she opens the door and garra just happens to walk by and he pushes her in with sasuke and locks the door once moor.

so close together they can barly breath they start screaming for help. only sakura soundend hesatent to scream. sasuke says, sakura why arent you screaming loudly? sakura then turns so red she looked like a toamato in the dim light.

u know sakura u look like a toamato and u know what. what sasuke she replys. sasuke then says "I LOVE TOAMATOES" in a sexi voice. she then hugs him so tight he falls and hits his head on nail.

meanwhile ino, shikamaru, naruto show up cause garra told them about how he locked them up in the closet and they all wanted to listen it. at the moment the show up sasuke says geez sakura u do that pretty hard. she then screams because of the injery,but on the outside there thinking something toatally different. ino was speechless.

naruto then says "it's probably not what we think." shikamaru thinks to himself "this is going to be a drag." the next thing they hear is "damn,it's so big!!!"ino cant speak.shikamaru says this is getting out of controle. i'm leaving." then a new girl shows up... her name is akemi.she was an outgoing loud mouthed bitch and yet she was mysterious, calm, and sweet.

to be continued!
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