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Prankster No More?

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Fred Weasley gets married? What will happen? Will he continue as Highest Prankster? Or fall due to overgrowing family pressue...? Click here to find out!

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Fred,George,Harry,Hermione,Ron - Warnings: [!!!] [X] - Published: 2007-08-23 - Updated: 2007-08-23 - 803 words

“You ready?” George whispered in Fred’s ear.
“Barley.” Fred said back, a little louder than he meant to. “When are we starting?”
“It’s your wedding, mate.” George said back. “Don’t expect me to know the order of events.”
“Right…” Fred whispered, looking down at his shoes. “Sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry.” George smiled. “Be happy!”
“I am happy!” Fred snapped at his twin brother. George looked shocked at Fred’s angry twitch. “I’m just scared.”
“Head up, music’s starting.” George stopped talking and faced toward Fred, along with the other three boys standing behind Fred. Fred jerked his head up and looked down the line. Four girls, all dressed in beautiful baby blue dresses walked in pairs up the aisle. Each girl holding a small bouquet of forget-me-not blue flowers, to match their dresses. Fred recognized the girls as Hermione and Ginny in one pair, and Fleur and Luna in a second. Fleur had a look of mingle displeasure at being made to walk with Luna, who was gazing up lazily at the tent roof, or glancing dreamily around to smile at the guests, who all waved back at her, looks of mingle confusing and entertainment on their faces. After the brides maids was the flower girl, who Fred saw was Lily Potter, Harry’s daughter. Lily was floating down the aisle, dressed in a short, baby blue sundress, gaily tossing flowers to the ground. Following Lily was Fred’s mother and Lucille’s mother, both wearing lovely robes of magenta rose pink, with Mr. Weasley following them, waving energetically to the crowd of people.
And then there she was. Fred’s to-be wife, Lucille Pencally, floating down the aisle, arm in arm with her Muggle father, who was beaming at the crowd and waving here and there to their guests and family members. Lucille was wearing a long, beautiful white wedding dress. Her face was covered in a veil, but Fred could still make out the beautiful smile underneath it. Her long, mousy-brown hair was up in a beautiful bun on the back of her hair, little curls of hair here and there that were impossible to control, even with magic. She stepped up onto the platform where Fred was standing, mouth open in awe.
“You look b-b-b-beautiful!” He whispered, his voice cracking slightly in lack of use. Lucille beamed at him, and the little wizard who was to be saying their vows stepped up to speak at the podium. Everyone in the ceremony had all taken their places, either sitting in the front row, or standing behind Lucille or Fred, who were both beaming at each other now, Lucille as though she was ready to hop into Fred’s arms, and Fred as though he was ready to pick her up and greedily run out of the tent with her, up to his and George’s bedroom.
“Ahem.” He said, causing the crowed to silence their excited giggles and murmurs of Lucille’s undeniable glow.
“We are gathered here today, to intertwine the two souls of Frederick Arthur Weasley, and Lucille Victoria Pencally.”
There was a loud sniff from the corner where Mrs.Weasley and Mrs.Pencally were sobbing silently into hankies. Mrs.Weasley smiled a “sorry” at Lucille, who grinned at her, then looked back to Fred.
“Do you Frederick Arthur Weasley, take Lucille Victoria Pencally as your wife?” The little wizard was asking Fred now.
“Yeah! I, of course! I mean, I do!” He sputtered out. Lucille giggled as tears ran down her cheeks.
“This is the most articulate I’ve ever seen Fred.” George whispered to Ron, who grinned and looked forward. Fred turned around to look at them, caught Harry’s eye and winked, then turned back to his wedding.
“…Take Frederick Arthur Weasley as your husband?” The wizard asked Lucille. She looked at Fred, before smiling and saying,
“Yes, I do.”
A single tear dripped down Fred’s cheek, and a streak appeared where his blush had washed away.
“Then I now pronounce you bonded for life!” The little wizard shouted excitedly. Fred leaned forward and kissed Lucille, who was caught off guard and went wide-eyed at the kiss, but then fell into it, wrapping her arm around Fred’s neck. All around the couple, people were blasting fireworks out of their wands, clapping their hands and shouting out to the newly weds. Many people ran forward to shake Fred and Lucille’s hands, but then backed away, as Fred made his dream a reality, and swept Lucille off her feet, carrying her to the entrance of the tent.
“We’ll be back in 20!” Fred shouted to George excitedly, who gave his brother the thumbs up, and rushed off to get himself one of Fleur’s vela cousins before Ron could.
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