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Snow Angels

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Frank and Gerard, are best friends at high school. Sparks fly as they reveal their true feelings. Warnings for Language.

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....I dont own these characters...This has not and will not ever happen...I only thought up the plot ^.^

Waking with a sudden start can do wonders for the neck. Sarcasm had passed him by as he sat up, rubbing his neck. His ears finally tuned into the fierce beeping noise that was strangely clinging to his consciousness and punctured his brain, which was feverishly trying to wake him up. He glanced around his room, his idols staring blankly at him from their posters which were loosely fastened to the walls. His vision blurred and his tired eyes rested on the 5 flashing symbols which glowed from his alarm clock, now beeping ferociously.

His hand reached and he slammed it down on the button which stopped the beeping and the room was filled once again by a sweet silence. He looked at the 5 symbols, 04:05, confusion hit him. Why was his alarm set for this time in the morning? He had school to go to later on, the last day before they broke up for Christmas. He rubbed his neck again before deciding to take a trip to the bathroom.

After splashing water on his face, he walked into his room, greeted by the harsh sound of rather large stones being pelted at his window. He raced over to the window, practically ripping open the plain black curtains. The rising sun flitted into his view occasionally as he tried to make out the hooded shape of who was standing on his front lawn, which was covered in a soft blanket of snow, raising their hand to throw yet another stone up to his window, before stopping as they noticed a figure emerge in front of the window.

Who could it be?

With shaking hands he opened the window and was overwhelmed by the shock of cold, icy air which gripped onto the skin of his bare chest. He opened the window as wide as it would go, while the figure removed his hood. His face turned towards the window and his chiselled features looked as if they were breaking with the cold. Nevertheless they moulded into an award-winning smile. His face looked up at the one of his half-asleep best friend, who he had only left around 8 hours prior to this meeting. It seemed weird that he had come back after their little argument.

‘Hello Frankie.’ He said plainly, as if their previous argument had been forgotten about. It was true; Frank was still stewing and was in no mood to talk to his best friend. He watched as his friends form gazed up at him from beneath his window. He detected a hint of longing in his friends outrageously green eyes; the black rims around the iris’s showed so much emotion Frank thought he that his friend might burst under the intense pressure. He glanced back inside his room and threw a look at the clock.

‘What the fuck are you doing here so early, Gerard?’ he said casually, he thought he saw a spark disappear from the green eyes as he realised that his full name was being used, the name he hated so much. Gerard’s hands flew inside his pockets, meeting the soft velvety lining inside them, while his head tipped forward, those severe apple coloured eyes searched the snow beneath his feet, as if he was asking it to answer for him. His head reared back up until they were looking at each other once again.

‘I’ve been thinking,’ he paused. ‘I couldn’t sleep…and we need to talk,’ his eyes searched the face of his friend for a few seconds. ‘…Desperately.’ His brushed so of the long, raven-black, strands of hair that blew into his vision, as he waited for a response. Finally, one came.

‘Wait, I need to put some proper clothes on…’ he drew himself into his room and threw on the clothes he had laid out for today. The black locks of hair were ruffled up even more as the neck of his black and green Misfits T-shirt slid over his head. He made no attempt to calm it down. He walked down the stairs, being careful not to wake his sleeping mother in the next room. His feet slid into his black converses and he wrenched his winter jacket from the peg by the door. Fucking Jersey Weather…Scowling, he emerged from the house.

Gerard waited patiently until he heard the crunch of Frank’s footsteps echo around the garden at the front of his house. He made an attempt to smile at his companion but did not receive one back; he only got a look of anxiety from Frank’s troubled hazel eyes. He could not deny that he was hurt and decided that he would never forgive himself for his actions the previous night.

‘So…’ Frank’s voice was uneasy. His shoe was kicking gently at the chunks of snow underneath his feet, gazing at it as if it was the most interestingly beautiful thing in the world. He exhaled slowly and the warmth of his breath seemed to heat up the cold metal of his lip ring, passing it and turning into ghostly tendrils that mixed with the air.

‘About last night,’ Gerard started, then paused as Frank’s head bounded upwards and his facial features stretched in pain. ‘What’s wrong? Are you okay, Frankie?’ Frank’s hand flew up to his neck, and gently rubbed the skin and muscle there.
‘My name is Frank!’ he snapped, his voice turned dark existentially. ‘Its nothing, I just slept funny…’ he stated. ‘Anyway, carry on.’

Gerard crawled back to find his trail of thought. Once again, he tucked the loose strands of hair behind his ear and spoke nervously.
‘I’m so sorry about last night,’ he looked into his best friend’s chestnut eyes, his own welling up with tears. Frank had to look away, the pain was killing him. ‘I guess I just kinda…lost it.’ He offered. Frank was shaking his head, trying to figure out what to say.

‘Lost it? Lost it?!’ he bawled, not caring whether he woke his neighbours. ‘My mum could hear you shouting at me from the fucking back yard! Now, thanks to you, she knows everything!’ he folded his arms, the tears waiting to fall, but they never had the chance.

Gerard had already embraced his friend. Frank tried to shrug him off but found that he hadn’t the energy inside him. He regretted saying anything about his feelings, but they just spilled out, like water pouring out of a jug, his feelings and problems came out one after the other.

‘I’m so sorry…’ Gerard whispered into Frank’s ear. ‘I only got mad because I feel the same way…’ he said that last part without realising.
Frank’s head shot up, and he ignored the pains protesting in his neck.
‘No you don’t!’ he screamed. ‘Stop toying with me, Gee!’ he started lashing out while Gerard tried desperately to calm him down. ‘I love you! And you take the piss outta me for it! Then have the nerve to come over here and say you feel the same way!?

Tears were streaming down his face and he did not struggle when Gerard wiped them away. He leaned his face into Frank’s so there noses were almost touching; their eyes danced over each others until Gerard finally spoke.

‘Because I do feel the same way…’

After that, their lips were touching softly. Caught in the moment, Frank leaned against the wall of his house, and moved his ice-cold hands into Gerard’s hair, untangling the matted black strands that stuck out in all directions. Gerard’s hands, equally as cold, lifted up Frank’s jacket and shirt slightly, and they softly touched the skin beneath. Frank whimpered at the touch, the pleasure drowning out the cold completely. It was heaven, just how he had planned it.

They finally broke apart and surveyed each other’s faces. Smiles were exchanged as they both fell onto the carpet of fleshy snow, embracing each other like never before. Gerard planted a kiss on Frank’s nose as his previous tears had melted away. They looked like angels in the snow. He touched Frank’s cheek before saying…

‘See, I do feel the same way…’
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