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Enough of Me

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The things Team Seven would do for their most precious people.

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Enough of Me

Disclaimer: If I owned Naruto, things would be very different. Also, I make no money off of this. Sadly.

Author’s Note: Probably a bit AU, for reasons I explained in /Kufuri/. Once again, characters are at least 18.


the only one that’s got enough of me to break my heart

There are really only three people the members of Team Seven care about. Which is not to say they don’t care about their friends, companions, and village. It only means that there are only three people any one person in Team Seven would do anything for.

He would …
… follow him to the end of the earth, because his burden is a heavy one and shouldn’t be borne alone.
… love her with all his heart, because someone should and those bastards won’t and she deserves better.
… prank him without mercy, because he has forgotten how to laugh, and such things should never be forgotten.

He would …
… push him to the top, because that idiot needs all the help he can give, even if he grumbles.
… smile at her, or at least try, because she can tell when he tries, and it’s more than enough for her.
… respect him, at least a bit, because that irresponsible man is almost like a father, and he seems to like it.

She would…
… fuss over him like a mother because he needs one, and fight with him like a sister because he wants one.
… follow him without loving him, because what he needs is support and not love, because love is blood and terror.
… scold him, because he is reckless and because he needs to know she cares, because then he’s a little less broken.

He would …
… sigh wearily and call him stupid because he reminds him of a black eyed fool, but he’s not him and that’s okay.
… take him under his wing because he knows what its like to be without a father, and this one has problems enough.
… doesn’t push her because she doesn’t need his help, but he compliments her because he didn’t for the brown-eyed girl.

And its okay that they replace and substitute like this … because they know it isn’t the real thing … and because they fill the gaps, so no one has the be alone, or empty, or not enough, or broken.


End Note: As usual, concrit is love, and I live for reviews. Thanks for reading!
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