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Not a Fairytale

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Team Seven doesn't get a fairytale ending, but they do get a happily-ever-after of sorts.

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Not a Fairytale

Disclaimer: If I owned Naruto, things would be very different. Also, I make no money off of this. Sadly.

Aurthor’s Note: Probably a bit AU, for reasons I explained in Kufuri. Once again, characters are at least 18.


This isn’t a fairytale ending … it’s too messy, too bloody, too hateful for that. But they are still alive, the four of them, and that’s all that really matters in the end.

The three of them fit, that’s really the only way to describe them. They argue, they fight, they love – often in that order.

Sometimes it’s just Naruto and Sakura, and he always takes charge, but she always initiates, she wonders if he’s afraid she’ll refuse if he starts it. They love each other with affectionate abandon, carefully.

When it’s Sasuke and Sakura, she’s in charge and it’s almost gentle, but not affectionate. It’s too much for him just yet to be so inhibited. It’s enough for her to know that he loves her anyway.

With Sasuke and Naruto, it is all rivalry and domination and pain. It’s just the way they are, but sometimes Sakura really has to stop them. Sometimes, they remember and she doesn’t have to pull them apart.

And when it’s the three of them, it’s a tangle of arms and legs and mouths and heat. And the boys are careful to hold back because this is Sakura. Not because she’s a girl, or because she’s weak, but because they love her and fear her wrath and couldn’t bear the thought of hurting her anyway.

Sometimes, rarely, it’s all four of them. It is usually on a mission, when Kakashi can’t escape and they really can’t stop themselves. And they tease and taunt him with their antics until there really is no other option. And it’s okay that they still call him ‘sensei’ sometimes, because there are still things they can learn from him. And he wonders what their reactions would be if he started calling any or all of them the same, because they are teaching him about the things he’d only got a glimpse of, all those years ago.

It’s sweaty, and dirty, and dangerous … but it’s the kind of happily-ever after they always wanted.


End Note: Concrit is always much appreciated, and reviews are my life’s blood. Thanks for reading!
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