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This Is how We'll Be, Oh Glory.

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Brendon,Ryan, Girl love triangle. Read and REview. Be honest. Hope you enjoy.

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By the way when i wrote this the flashback was supposed to be in italics but it decided not to work so the part where Maddy and pete decide to go to vegas is all a flashback. sorry for the confusion.

I was standing in the corridor of a Parisian hotel. All the walls and rugs were in an ornate fashion. I was able to ignore it and continue texting on my sidekick. I’d been in Paris for almost a week, you see I manage a band. By manage I don’t mean just set up appointments and tell them where the have to be and when they have to be there. No, not for this band. For this band I presume to do their make-up and find amazing costumes for them. Of course, they help, but it is still a lot to take on. It’s kind of funny how I ended up with this job. My older brother was a music producer and he had his own label. I really wanted to work as a producer at first, but he wanted me to know what it felt like to really work with a band, so he set me up with another label and viola fast-forward 2 years and here I stand. I continued texting to my best friend Jade. I felt a pair of arms snake around my waist and pull me into an embrace.

“Good morning,” he mumbled.

“Morning baby,” I replied.

“Maddy, I don’t feel like do anything today,” he whined. I had heard this a million times, but I have yet to allow them to be late or miss something.

“Bren, you have to go to interview today. That’s it. Just be ready in an hour.” Alright so if your still held at bay, the band I manage is Panic! At The Disco, and yes I’ve been with the lead singer for almost 2 years now. I know what you’re thinking don’t date who you work, but this is different. These boys are my friends before my clients. It was actually quite funny how I met them.....

“Pete I really don’t want to go all the way to Vegas to see some garage band perform.”

“Would you like a job, Maddy?”

I sighed jumped in the car and slept through the grueling ride to Las Vegas from Los Angeles. We arrived to four eager boys sitting in a rehearsal space. It was a bit ironic because Ryan caught my eye at first. We shared glances back and forth throughout their little “audition”. Once it ended Pete congratulated them for he was signing them to his new label, Decadence. They were the first band signed and my first job in the music biz. I smiled at all of them and snuck outside to have a cigarette.

“You know that’s bad for you,” the lead singer lectured as he took a seat next to me. He smiled the most unbelievable smile I had ever seen.

“No this may be bad for you, but it’s quite relaxing for me,” I replied.

“And how would that be bad for me?”

“You’re a singer.”

“Frank Sinatra was a singer.”
“No, he was a god. You could rip out his throat and he’d still be able to sing.” I laughed at the stupidity that just poured from my lips. “Okay well maybe he wouldn’t”

He just sat there and continued smiling as I took the last drag of my cigarette. He opened the door for me as I walked back inside.

“Where’s Pete?”

“Oh, he left and went back to the hotel,” the cute guitarist informed.

“Are you serious?”

“I’ll give you a ride,” the singer offered.

“ yeah that’s be great, thanks.”

We walked over to a purple mini-van and he opened the door for me. I giggled a bit.

“Don’t hate” he smiled.

He walked over to the other side, sat in the car, and put the keys in the ignition.

“Woah, this baby purrrs,” I joked.

He just smirked at me.

“So I didn’t even catch your name.”

“It’s Brendon.”

“Just Brendon, huh?”

“No, Brendon Urie,” he chuckled,”and what do you go by.”

“Maddy, well Madeline Soprano.”

“Like the show?”

“Yeah, I’m a mob boss,” I joked. He pulled up to the hotel entrance. I began to get out but he tugged gently on my wrist.

“Will I see you again?” he asked with puppy-dog eyes.

“Yeah, I’m your manager.”

“No I mean see you.”
“I don’t get it”

“This is my way of asking you out,” he implied. There he goes with that smile again, how could I say no?

“Sure, when” was all I could manage to utter.

“Tomorrow night?”

“Sounds good”

“We have your number right?”

“Yeah I think Pete gave it to Ryan.”

“Ah man, gonna have to fight him for that one.” he blushed at what he said.

“ you do realize you said that out loud?”

“Yeah,” he replied shamefully. A car beeped signifying that Brendon better move.

“I’ll see you late Brendon Urie,” and with that I closed the door and walked into the hotel. We went on a few dates and were basically inseparable until they finished a headlining tour and we got a condo on the strip together.


“Alright, Guys” I started as I crawled into the limo that was taking us to the interview, “the interview is for a Parisian magazine and shouldn’t be any longer than an hour.”

“Photo shoot?” Spencer asked.

“Afraid so.”

“Damn it” Jon added.
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