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Lies On The Tip Of Your Tongue

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A Frank Iero one shot. that about sums it up... Also posted on quizilla

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The frost was scattered across my windows in the late night.

I had no idea what I was going to do honestly, the moment he entered my home along with everyone else I was confused and broken helplessly.

My mother was throwing another party, I was supposed to make sure everyone was there.

When I saw /him/there though I just lost it completely.

My mind shut down, my body went on auto.

I piloted myself without care, weaving through the bodies of people chatting away sipping on delicate wine in a fancy tone.

he wasn't fancy, he was different.

How different Iwasn't sure, I just knew that I had to keep away. If I didn't...he would get me.

A tapping came on my door, it was light and gave a melodic beat.

That was confusing, my mother always pushed her way through without a second thought. No one else came into my room, not that I let them mind you.

I sound proper don't I?

Well I'm not, most certainly...I know how to speak, manipulate words if you will.

I can change your mind all while your still thinking.

The knocking quickened in a nervous moment and I swung it open to reveal him

Black messy hair, apart hanging down to cover his left eye.

His piercings glinting in the flesh of the right of his nose and the left bottom of his lip.

"You aren't downstairs, how come?" He questioned slipping himself past my defenses and entering my room.

"Get out!" I growled pointing my long slim finger at the door.

"Oh are we ready for another lovely round of verbal abuse?" He spun around to meet my glaring blue eyes.

His hazel eyes warped my senses, if only I could warp him.

"Well allow me to start then Mr. Iero, get the fuck out of my room before Icrush your reproductive system!" I snarled once again pointing to the door.

He grinned that famous cocky one he used all the time, girls loved him for it, guys envied him for it.

I hated him for it.

He stepped forward and pushed his right hand past the side of my head pushing the door closed as his face leaned closer to mine.

I could feel his hot breath upon my cheeks, I wasn't fazed like every other girl would be.

I saw his /true/self, every little disgusting, loathsome inner self of him.

"Your playing cat and mouse with me again" He whispered seductively.

"Get out of my room Iero" I spat, his name was venom to my lips.

"Come now can you easily say you want me gone, I can see it in your eyes you want me in here" He whispered, wavering his lips over my ear.

"I'd rather see your body cold and lifeless" I whispered lightly back into his ear, using the same tone he was.

He didn't move or flinch, he wasn't even taken aback.

This was how we were, hatred and pure resentment.

I hatedloved it.

He gave a simple nod and backed away wrapping his fingers in the front of his belt loops.

was he nervous? nervous, he was contemplating something in that devious mind of his

"Ale" He whispered my name in a sudden calm sweet innocent voice.

"Don't say it like that" I backed up against the door.

That's when Ishowed it, my weakness.

I could see how deceitful he could be, but when his voice was in that low utter hush, spoken in such a sweet innocent way I knew...he wasn't disgusting, he was empty and lonely. Everything about him changed in an instant, and I knew my guard was shattered because he took his move like the damn vulture he is.

He swept over to my straight body bringing my face closer to his with his calloused rough hands.

"You speak in riddles to me" He whispered.

"Then solve my riddle" I whispered back.

He leaned down resting his forehead against mine.

"I hate you with every fiber of my being" He growled biting my bottom lip roughly.

"I-I-" Istuttered but was unable to form anymore for sentence wise as his lips crashed down on mine.

I backed up but only found myself pinned against the wall with his hands gripping my wrists securely to my side.

"F-Frank" I managed to gasp out as he removed his lips to attack my neck.

He acknowledged me by giving a low grumble and then pressing his teeth into my neck.

"F-Frank!" I cried out in pleasure pleasured pain.

"Ale tell me I'm a bad man" He grinned looking up at me with those devious eyes, once again he had returned to that vile, disgusting person I knew.

"I could tell you worse" I offered glancing down at him.

"Then do so" He nodded now stepping backwards pulling me along by my wrists that he so desperately clung to.

"Your vile, disgusting, repulsive, cruel, demented, your a bad man...." Frank looked to me and finished it off, "And you want me"

"Your getting ahead of yourself" I huffed.

"You have yet to throw me out your door, push me away from latching my lips to yours and I'm still waiting for the moment you cave" He grinned mischievously.

"And if Icave?"

"I get you completely" He smiled pulling me back to his lips.

Could I push away from him?


Did I want to?

No Yes.

I tugged backwards and shot him a menacing glare.

"Leave now Iero" venom dripped from the sound of his name uttered from my lips again.

"You really want me gone?" He questioned standing and keeping me against the wall.

"Out" I gritted my teeth.

He smirked and ran a single rough finger down the front of my shirt and landed at the top of my studded belt.

"Brown hair completely un touched, blue eyes dripping with anger and a completely driven mind to go with you....quiet a gamble you have going here" He snickered.

"I'd rather-" My thoughts were cut off, my brain stopped and my body tensed.

He slowly leaned forward and I felt him plunge two fingers into me.

I let out a gasp for air only to find his mouth and tongue.

This was the true Frank Iero. The one who I loathed and wanted needed....

We both knew Icouldn't keep away from him for long.

In school I would rush to classes trying to avoid him, it only worked for so long.

Seeing as he had classes with me and at lunch I was his target.

He would pull me into janitor closets and prove how much I couldn't resist him.

It didn't matter much right now though, this was just another day, another night, another fuck ending in my own torment.

How this will end, I'll cry myself to sleep as he leaves the room only to return a few days later taking more and more.

Frank pulled back breathing heavily and attacked my neck again, as he had added a third finger which only made me bite my lip down hard to try and contort my screams into something no one would hear. Especially /him/.

"The music's too loud downstairs, they wont hear anything" He whispered calmly into my ear as I let out another breath of air.

"Your sick and demented to get kicks out' a this" I grumbled looking downwards to see his hand jammed quiet nicely down my pants, /how nice/.

My bangs fell down my face as I shook and reached out gripping his shoulders as I felt a jolt spread through my body.

"F-f-f-uck F-F-Frank!" I gasped out.

I tightened my grip on his shoulders as he got rougher.

"Ale just scream" He smirked.

"N-n-no" I managed to stutter out.

"Oh and why not?" He cocked his head to the side.

I knew full well, if I screamed it made his friggin day, then he would leave....

I wouldn't let him this time, no not again.

"Your sadistic" I grumbled and buried my face into his shoulder as he picked me up and placed me on my mirrored dresser.

He tugged my pants down carefully as I kept my face buried in his shoulder.

"Sadistic is better" He growled and tugged down my pants completely, "So any complaints like last time?" He snickered.

"I could scream for someone" I replied sharply.

Once again, he wasn't fazed...

He warped why can't I warp him back!?

"I hate you" I spat at him.

Another cocky grin, did he really enjoy all this...well obviously.

He leaned down and captured my lips in his again. I tried pulling my body backwards away from his but his hands placed on my neck pulling me forward rejected that idea.

Finally he pulled away but when he did his eyes looked scared and his face was directed at my bedroom door.

Someone was coming up.

I couldn't help but shake my head, shuffling away to feel his fingers slowly slide away from my body.

I kept my shudder internal as I leaned forward and caught his lips, his face instantly turning back to me and forgetting about whoever was coming up.

I truthfully felt cold without my pants which had been kicked away near my bed by him.

Without thinkingtwice I unbuckled his belt and pulled it out of the loops, flinging it to the floor and working on his pants quickly.

If I did this fast enough I wouldn't think of the consequences until /later/. Muchlater.

As soon as his pants hit the floor I reached out to grab his boxers but the idiot grabbed my hands and yanked me forward into his chest, walking me across the room to collapse on my bed underneath him.

"You change your mind a lot you know" He grinned, pinning my arms down over my head.

I glared, swallowing the evident annoyance, "Just hurry up"

He complied, shedding our clothes quickly.

I heard the knock on the door just as he slipped deep into me, my breath catching in mid sentence.

Refusing to let me call out to the person he pressed his lips tightly onto mine, turning his movements into deep uncoordinated thrusts as he gripped my hands tightly above my head.

I groaned into his lips, not able to catch myself before he grinned again, slipping his tongue to do battles with mine.

I lose everything to this boy, this arrogant boy.

His hands traveled down, grabbing my legs and pulling me down onto him further.

Another gasp was let out from me as I squinted my eyes shut and wrapped my legs around his waist.

The knock on my door grew louder again but I ignored it, wanting nothing more than to keep Frank there for a minute longer...

"Ale? Are you in there?" It was my uncle, /great/.

"Y-Yeah" I stuttered, moving my hips in sync with Frank's as he completely concentrated on pushing himself into me harder than the last time.

"Are you alright?" He sounded worried.

"Fucking perfect" I whined more to Frank as he looked up grinning connecting his eyes with mine.

"Want me to go faster?" Frank mused, leaning down to peck my lips lightly.

I nodded urgently not even caring as the waves crashed into me and my body tightened around him as my head hung back.

"Ale, are you alright!?" My uncle shouted again, knocking harder on the door.

"FINE!" Ishouted back, grabbing Frank's shoulders as I shook under him.

My uncle muttered afew words before his feet stomped off.

"Just fine?" Frank smirked, hitting a spot that made my body sharpen and my back arch.

I was about to plead at him but when I felt the warmth spread over me coming from Frank Ididn't even care anymore, my head fell back into the pillows as I let Frank move inside me a little bit more.

His breathing was hard and kept me panting.

He was a fucking energy battery, 'it keeps going and going...'

"I'm not leaving tonight" He whispered, nuzzling my neck while keeping himself inside me and on top.

I nodded shutting my eyes.

I'm just another toy.
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