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~+*Ferard One Shot*+~

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Gerard has a girlfriend but he has a crush on his brother's best friend, Frank. Mikey and Bob know Gerard and Frank like each other. Mikey and Bob plot to make Gerard and Frank will face each other...

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Gerard's POV

I was just sitting on my bed just drawing and then Mikey burst in the room.

"GERARD! Come on stop doodling we have to head to school!"

"Argh fine" I just finished the picture and put it in my backpack for my locker.

We were at the bus Mikey sat next to his best friend, Frank, as usual and I sat next to my girlfriend Megan and Bob and Ray sat next to each other.

"Gerard I really love you so much.." She started to kiss me and of course I kissed back.

Then Frank looked over and I quickly pulled away.

"Sorry I just feel awkward doing this in the bus.." I said lying.

We had off to class Megan and I in the front, following Bob and Ray, and lagging along Mikey and Frank.

I looked back at Frank who just seem to watch his surroundings.

"Gerard I'm off to my class okay?" Megan said walking off waving.

I gave her a smile.

Frank's POV

I looked down smiling because Megan left. I think Mikey saw because he said

"Hey Frank what are you smiling at?"

"Oh nothing I just saw a rock and it was really pretty.."

Gerard looked back at me and I looked away quickly.

Gerard's POV

I looked back again and Frank seemed to look away...

He probably thinks I'm a fag for looking at him..I just can't help it he's just soo perfect..

I went off to class Bob followed because he had the same period and Ray was off to PE.

"Hey Gerard why do you keep looking back? Is there some girl hmm??"

"Oh no it's not a girl.." It's a guy I thought to myself. I looked back again luckily Frank hadn't saw.

I think Bob read my mind because he said, "You know you and Frank do make a cute couple," He said teasing me.

"You think so?" I said smiling.

"Of course you could ask him out at the party tonight" He smiled too.

"I don't know he's straight..He doesn't like me..besides if he was gay or bi he would like Mikey since he's always around him.." I said looking down.

"You know maybe he's not around because he's shy"

"Yeah thanks Bob for helping but I think he just thinks I'm nerdy"

We head off to our class

Frank's POV

"Hey Mikey does Gerard really like Megan?" I asked.

"Well I don't know...Why you like you him??" He said giving me a light punch.

"Uhh noo eww I'm straight!!" Argh! Was I THAT obvious?? Oh Mikey's probably laughing in his mind.

"Okayy whatever you say" He said heading off to class in a nonbelieving voice.

Recess time..

Gerard's POV

I went to look out for Megan. She was with her friends I called her name.

"What is it Gee Bear?" She said quickly kissing my cheek.

"Uhm Megan it's kind of hard to say this..."

"Look Gerard I understand you need space. I'm not that kind of girl that cry for days. So we're still friends?" She said smiling.

"Of course" We hugged.

Frank's POV

I just started glaring into ground. I sighed I wish I was Megan so bad...

Mikey probably noticed he said, "Hey Frank what's wrong?"

"Oh it's just noth--" He looked at Gerard and Megan hugging and interupted me

"Oooh Gerard hugging Megan.."


"Frank chill I can tell you really like my brother give it up!"

I glanced over he was talking to Bob and Ray was probably inside doing homework because I don't see him anywhere.

"I guess you're right..Look Mikey I know you think it's funny it's okay you can laugh.." I sighed.

"Nono I won't laugh! You're like my bestest friend I would never! I think it's cute" He said putting his hand on my shoulder.

A few hours later...

Gerard's POV

I was the first one in thank goodness....I quickly shoved the paper in Frank's locker and after I headed to my locker everyone started hurrying in to get their books.

I got my books and just waiting in the library doing my homework waiting for Bob. He was probably changing into casual clothes because he had PE.

Then Frank came in..Oh gosh I can't let him see me here!! He might think I'm a nerd!

I quickly packed my stuff and I dodged him hiding behind the shelves.

I got out without him noticing phew I saw Bob and waved.

"Hey Bob let's go to the bus now so we can get ready to partayy" I said doing a little dance.

"God Gerard not in school!! Wait for the party!" He said quickly walking and I followed.

Frank's POV

Argh Mikey lied!! He said he always did his homework here! sigh Oh well I should get out before someone sees me.. I head out to see Mikey talking to Megan.

I waved to him. He said bye to her and went over to me.

"Hey Mikey what's with you and Megan?"

"I just asked why she hugged Gerard in recess because that's not how they usually hug"

"What did she say??" I asked anxiously.

"Oh'll find out soon..."

I looked confused but he just smiled.

Ray saw us and followed us to the bus.

A few hours later party at Bob's really big house...

Gerard's POV

It's been 45 minutes and I haven't seen Frank anywhere...

I started drinking a lot of soda..about like 10 cups.

I had to go to the bathroom reeeally badly.

"Hey Bob where's the bathroom??"

"Right here" Bob showed me the bathroom and locked me in.

"BOB HEY LET ME OUT!!!" I said banging on the door.

"Don't even bother they won't open it.." I heard a voice behind me.

"Frank? What are you doing here??"

"Well Mikey brought me up here and locked me in the bathroom and just said 'You'll find out..'"

"Weird..Frank can I ask you something?"

"Yeah sure"

"Do you love me?? Sorry I just can't help I was just wondering and Bob was all like you make a cute coup--" All of a sudden his lips crashed in to mine.

I grabbed Frank's neck and kissed him back.

"Gerard I love you more than anything.." He said kissing me.

"Oh and Frank about Megan.."

"Shh..I know" He just kissed me.

"And Frank that picture I drew it was for you.."

"I didn't see but this is better.."

"I love you Frank.."

"I love you Gerard.."

And we just stayed up here in each other's arms not caring about the world around us....
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