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A Learning Experience

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Team eight. Kiba's dominance issues, Shino's personal space issues, and Hinata's shyness. Also, Kurenai reads too much fanfic. That's all I have to say. Alternate title: The Collar.

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A Learning Experience

Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to Kishimoto-san. Not me. The only profit I get out of this is reviews.

Author’s Notes: Not terribly familiar with Team 8, but I spent several hours searching out and reading recc’ed Team 8 fic. Hopefully they aren’t OOC.

Kiba knows his teammates gave him the collar as a joke.

Hinata had given him the box, Shino standing passively behind her, with a murmured, “To make sure you stay faithful,” her pale face flushed red. “Happy Birthday-Kiba-kun!” she called, disappearing around a corner.

Kiba watched her leave with a puzzled expression before turning to Shino. “What? S’not my birthday for another week…”

“To remind you who you belong to,” Shino smirked. Kiba could tell, even with that collar covering the bug boy’s mouth.

“What the hell?!” Kiba demanded, but Shino was leaving, following after Hinata.


Kiba stared down at the torn package between his crossed legs. This had to have been Shino’s idea, he decided as he lifted the collar from its wrapping.

He fingered the supple leather, tracing his fingers over the lettering on the nameplate. /Kiba/, it read. Damn bugboy, always trying to overthrow Kiba’s leadership.

Well, /I’ll show them/, he told himself as he carved their names into the inside of the collar, behind the nameplate.


A week later, he wore it when his team took him out for a proper birthday dinner. The joke was on /them/, this time.

Hinata stammered and blushed so red he thought she might spontaneously combust. Shino was perfectly stoic, except that he choked on his rice. Kurenai smiled slyly. The dog boy had finally been properly collared.

She had no idea.


Later, under the cover of darkness, Kiba showed them where he’d carved their names into the leather where no one could see, but he could feel, and they could know.

They couldn’t see it, even in the moonlight. So he took them both by the hand and ran their fingers over it, murmuring their names in a gentle growl.


Despite their excellent teamwork, it seems that team eight didn’t know themselves quite as well as they’d thought.

Shino learned that he could forget about personal space, and revel instead in the feel of two warm bodies pressed against his.

Hinata learned that she had nothing to fear or be ashamed of. Not with her teammates there, loving her by the light of the moon.

Kiba learned that, despite his dominant nature, he really did enjoy being dominated. Especially by his teammates.


End Note: Requested by anime_geek on Ficwad. Hope you all liked it. Please r&r.
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