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Chapter 5

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Title:I Was Born Under A Bad Sign
Author: Rebekka. points at self
Word Count:1,308
Chapter Count: FIVE of Huh?
Author's Notes: FINALLY, an update =) hope you guys like it, and I'll try to be quicker with the next one. But it's hard since I'm here In florida and going places everyday.
Disclaimer: You don't always get what you want. [like this being true]

After finally building a really nice looking pyramid of cereal boxes I paid for the items and headed home. Stacy started yelling at me as expected for taking so long and I only handed her the plastic bags and went to ignoring her when I disappeared upstairs. I needed all the rest I could get to be able to handle tonight.

At around nine the music started blasting from downstairs. I sighed and closed the book I had been reading for the last hour and a half. There goes the quiet. I knew that in an hour the house would be full of my classmates and probably kids from other schools in the area.

I yawned and decided to go downstairs to see if Stacy had taken care of everything for the party. When I got downstairs I heard her and some other people talking in the living room. In my surprise a bunch of girls had already arrived and I saw Josh in there too.

“…Guys, guess what Liz just told me!” I heard her gush as I got closer. Some of the girls shook their heads enthusiastically and awaited the gossip that was about to come out of Stacy’s mouth. “Well, you know she works down at Corner store and she saw Kate there today. You guys can’t believe what she did!” She continued smirking. “She fell and threw down a cereal display!” That statement received a mean laugher from most of the girls and a glare from Josh. My reaction was my heart sinking to the bottom of my stomach where I felt the embarrassment forming. I couldn’t move, I just stood there frozen. How could my twin sister always do this to me?

“I mean she was lying there on the floor buried in cereal boxes! Liz said the sight had been hilarious! And then she was forced to put them all back in place.” Stacy started laughing and the girls joined her.

I couldn’t take this. I swiftly turned around trying to get away from them, only to bump into a small table holding a vase that gracefully fell of it, breaking into a million pieces when it hit the floor.

I had reached a breaking point too at that moment and broke out in tears to the sound of the breaking vase. The commotion had alerted the girls and Josh in the other room of my presence and I heard Josh say harshly to Stacy: “Did you really have to do that? She’s your sister!”

I collapsed to the floor, not thinking clearly, and started picking up the biggest pieces from the broken mess I had made. And I matched it quite well.

“Leave it,” I headed someone say above me and trying to pull me up. “Kate, stop it.”

I let the pieces that I had gathered in my hands fall onto the floor again with a clattering noise and let Josh’s strong hands pull me up. I couldn’t bear to look at him or at the silent party guests in the living room; I just closed my eyes and let the tears fall freely down my cheeks. I shouldn’t be letting this get to me. I was used to this, used to Stacy humiliating me but I’d never witnessed her doing it in front of people. Up until now I had believed that she had something in her that could be called a heart.

“Its okay, come on.” Josh whispered in my ear and I realized that I had my face buried in his chest. I looked up at him and moved away, uncomfortable with the closeness. But he ignored my obvious discomfort and found my hand and started pulling me out of the hall and upstairs. I silently let him and wiped the tears away with my free hand.

He led me past Stacy’s room and stopped in front of mine. “Is this your room?”

I nodded weakly and he opened the doors revealing my poster covered walls and the little furniture I had in the room. He let my hand go and walked into my bathroom opening the cabinet next to the mirror.

“What are you doing?” I asked confused, careful not to let my voice break. I was standing in the middle of the room and when he let the silence that had fallen over the room last longer than a few minutes I begun to get a little more than curious. Had he led me up to my room just to use my bathroom or what?

“I can’t find any band-aids, do you even have any?” He said looking through the cabinet full of hair products I barely used.

“There’s some in the drawer beneath the sink. Why?” I asked curiously and brushed a tear of my cheek then took a seat on my bed, suddenly feeling tired and weak.

He spotted the band-aids and turned to me giving me a weird look. “Why? Haven’t you noticed that your hand is bleeding?”

I quickly looked down at my right hand and saw a small but deep cut. I laughed to myself. “My luck.” How could I not have noticed that my hand was bleeding? And why didn’t I expect it.

He walked over to me ripping a single band-aid open, then sitting beside me and carefully placing it over the cut. “There.”

“Thanks.” I said and sent him a little thankful smile then went to rubbing my tear swollen eyes once again.

He had giving me a small smile then a worried look set on his face when he saw me wiping my tears away. “Hey, are you alright?”

I nodded and smiled weakly at him. “Yeah, it’s okay. I’m used to it.”

His expression got even more worried. “You shouldn’t be. I can’t believe she did that, I’m so sorry.”

“I told you, its okay. You can’t be responsible for what Stacy does.” I said and stared down at my hands. It was a weird feeling, of having someone that cared, someone that actually had stood up for me for once. “You know how she is.”

“No, I don’t. I’ve never seen her make fun of anyone like that.” He said and I looked up at his serious expression.

“Really?” I said, but it wasn’t so surprising. “Well, she does it all the time. I guess she put up an act in front of you, I haven’t caught her making fun of me in front of her friends before, but I knew she did it though. So I thought you knew.” I said truthfully, expecting him to walk out of the room and calling me a liar.

“Then I guess she’s not the person I thought she was.” He said and sighed. He really didn’t know she was like that. She had just played the role of the perfect little princess to lure him into liking her, like I’d seen her do to boys so many times before. Eventually she’d get sick of playing and flip out on them and dump them. Why was I not surprised?

“Hey, it’s okay. It’s just the way Stacy is. I guess she just tricked you like she’s tricked everyone; it’s what she does to get what she wants.” I explained and shrugged my shoulders. He glanced at me looking hurt.

“I need to go.” He said suddenly and stood up making his way towards the door. With his hand on the doorknob he turned around and asked: “Are you going to be alright?”

I nodded still a little surprised that he had suddenly decided to leave. But I understood why, it’s not easy to hear that a girl has just been playing with you.

“Good. I’ll see you around, okay?” He said and I nodded again in agreement. Then he left and I was once again all alone.
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