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My last 2 cents worth

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Some final words from the!

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My last 2 cents worth

I was so glad to see this site up and running again.
I've wanted to get the end of my story out there for my faithful readers and reviewers
( bless them! ) to have so as to get my story finished....or is it?
I'm toying with doing a story about the year between the battle and the epilogue - more fluff than anything, I'm still thinking about it.
I'm sorry the last 7 chapters and the epilogue don't have any italics or bold face, but I could only upload in plain text, so it was all lost....use you imaginations...if you've read my story this far, you know how I write, so you'll get the good bits.
Again, thanks for your if I could only get that totally unfair 'MARY SUE" dropped from the first couple of chapters ratings, as the rest of the ratings are all positive, and if I remember correctly, there was a problem with someone just slamming stories for fun, knowing the ratings couldn't be changed. Oh, well, as I said, if you know my stories, you'll ignore that stupidity.

Check back, I may return!
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