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Sophmore Slump?

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Pete's in High School. Uhh...yeah I know Patrick's ALOT younger than him, but let's just pretend there the same age okay?? Yeah Joe and Andy aren't really in it...

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Katie’s POV

There are four types of cliques here. The jocks, the nerds, the theater freaks and the outcasts. Then, there’s us. Kara, Olivia, Erin and me. Kara and Olivia are considered two of the most popular people in school. Erin and I are more of the ‘backup type’, important, but not as noticeable.

“Ehmagawd, look Pete’s coming.”

There were a few giggles, lip gloss touch-up’s and fixing of the hair. We all put our food down as he passed.

“Hi Pete.” Kara said, twirling her hair.

“Sup.” He flipped some glossy black hair out of his eyes.

He walked away, joining his soccer friends. What a jerk. I hate people like that. He thinks he’s so much better than everyone else.

“Isn’t he ah-dorable?” Kara squeled.

“Given.” Olivia and Erin said at the same time.

“No.” I said.

“WHAT?!” Kara demaned.

“Sorry, he’s to…self-absorbed.” I smirked.

“Ugghh, then you have bad taste.” She stuck up her nose.”

“Whatever.” I stared at my PB and J sandwich.


“So, I’ll be paring you with partners for the disection project.” Mrs. Naski, our teacher said.

There was a sea of groans, which were silenced quickly.

“Now, let us begin. Sara and Ben, Rex and Lexie…”

I waited for my name.

“Katie and Patrick…”

Patrick? I didn’t know a—

“Uh, hi.”

I turned around and saw a short, red haired kid with extremely long sideburns standing there.

“Patrick?” I asked.

“Yeah, you’re Katie, right?” He smiled.


He sat down.

“Umm, so I really hate cutting open dead things so—“

“That’s okay, I’ll do it.” He said, picking up the small knife.

Geez, I like this kid already…
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