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Chapter Five

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The Moon fire gem gives its wearer great power and a long life, of eternal slumber.

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Goma turned as Julia slipped into her cottage.
“I got the necklace,” she said holding it out, and Goma smiled wickedly.
“Just in time my girl,” she said, “I’ve prepared something special for you to give to Sir Richard. This will ensure that he will fall in love with you and forget all about that gutter rat.”
Julia moved forward eagerly, “what is it?”
“A very special love potion,” Goma said smugly. “He’ll be completely in your thrall forever.”
Julia laughed wickedly, “as soon as Richard is mine, I’ll make him put that necklace back on that little hussy. She’ll go back to her eternal slumber, and everything I’ve ever wanted will be mine.”
Goma joined in on Julia’s laughter, neither realizing that Wesley was crouched under the window sill, listening to every word. As soon as he heard Julia’s evil plot, he got up and ran into the village, toward Marlon’s cottage.

The elderly magician was knelt over an equally as old tome, perusing it closely. He looked up and frowned as Wesley ran into his cottage.
“You need to knock first,” he said sternly.
Looking properly chastised, Wesley went back outside and knocked.
“What’s the matter boy?” Marlon asked, and frowned again as Wesley told him the whole story.
“We must act quickly, before Sir Richard has a chance to consume any of that potion. Even one drop can make him Lady Julia’s slave forever.” Marlon said, as he gathered a few things in a leather bag.
Wesley and Marlon ran quickly back to the manor house, they arrived in the great hall just as Julia was serving Richard a cup of mead.
Wesley ran forward and shouted, “no don’t drink it!”
The sudden noise caused Julia’s hand to slip and she knocked the cup over. She shrieked in dismay, when two of Richard’s prized hounds began to lick up the spilled liquid.
“NO! ,” She screamed,.
The two hounds finished their unexpected treat, then looked at Julia with what only could be described as dopey expressions, before they began to whine and drool all over her feet.
Julia looked down at them with an expression of disgust, “get away!” She screamed, in revulsion.

Richard looked at Wesley and Marlon with a frown on his face, “what’s going on here?” He asked sternly.
“Lady Julia was going to give you a love potion that would’ve made you her slave forever,” Wesley said. “The witch Goma is her aunt. I saw her go into the witch’s cottage and followed, curious why she was there.”
Richard turned to Julia, who had practically crawled up on the highboard, trying to escape the love struck hounds.
“Is this true?” He asked in an angry tone.
“Yes it’s true my lord,” a mocking tone said and Goma entered the great hall.
Bronwen came down the stairs at that moment, and Goma glared at her hatefully.
“We would’ve succeeded, if it hadn’t been for that gutter rat,” she said angrily.
She reached into the pocket of her dress and pulled out an acorn. Before anyone could react, she threw it at Bronwen. It hit the floor in front of Bronwen and exploded, sending a cloud of dust up into her face.
“Bronwen!” Richard cried as she crumbled on the ground.
Marlon quickly threw an ensnaring enchantment at Goma, trapping her so she couldn’t escape.
Richard and Wesley ran to Bronwen, who lay on the floor, still as death.
“Is she dead?” Wesley asked brokenly, as tears ran down his face.
Marlon knelt next to Bronwen’s prone form, “she’s not dead.” He said quietly, “just in under a spell.”
“What can break it?” Richard asked.
Suddenly Wesley leaned over and hugged, Bronwen tightly. His tears, falling down, wetting her face. She moaned and slowly opened her eyes, looking at the three of them in confusion.
“What’s the matter?” She asked, then Richard and Wesley both hugged her in joy.
Marlon smiled gently, “the innocent can break many spells,” he said quietly.
He turned, facing Goma and Julia, who both glared at him with hatred.
“Now it is time to decide what to do with these two,” he said.
Richard helped Bronwen up and held her in his arms, Wesley held onto her hand tightly. Together they faced Julia and Goma.
Marlon pulled out a vial of liquid out of his leather sack. “I happen to have here a potion that will cause Goma to lose all magical powers and knowledge of spells.” He said, with a hint of laughter in his voice. “I think we should make her drink it.”
Everyone in the hall roared with laughter, as Goma began to scream and struggle uselessly against the ensnaring enchantment.
“An excellent idea,” Richard said, laughing heartily.
Marlon approached Goma, who hissed at him. He said a few words of a spell and her mouth opened against her will. He quickly poured the potion down her throat, then stepped back.
A sudden glow, infused Goma’s whole body, then as Marlon broke the ensnaring enchantment, she fell to the ground. She stood up and held out her hand at Marlon, then a confused look came over her face.
“No,” she said in horror, “I can’t remember the words!” She glared at Marlon, “you did this to me.” She hissed, “I’ll get you for this wrong you have done me.”
Richard nodded toward two of the guards and they came forward, dragging Goma away.
Marlon turned toward Julia, who stared at him in fear, from her perch on top of the highboard.
He waved his hand and Julia slid, screeching toward the floor. She hit the floor running, fleeing out of the great hall, screaming at the top of her lungs. The two love struck hounds followed after her baying loudly.
The people in the great hall broke out in laughter again, some of the knights taking bets on how far Julia would run.
Richard clapped Marlon on the back, “ a good job my friend,” he said jovially.
Marlon smiled, “I never did like lady Julia,” he said, then turned and looked at Bronwen. “This is the one you’re meant to be with.” He said softly. “It was written in the stars a hundred years ago.”
He turned to depart, then spotted something glittering on the floor. Bending over he picked it up, it was the Moon gem necklace, he turned and looked toward Bronwen and Richard. They were holding hands, looking at each other with love.
“The necklace is no longer needed here,” he murmured softly, before pocketing it and shuffling out of the great hall.

Sir Richard and Lady Bronwen married in a grand ceremony benefitting both their stations. After they married, Richard and Bronwen, legally adopted Wesley, making him their true son and the happiest ten year-old boy alive.
When their children asked them how they met and fell in love, Bronwen would tell them softly. “It took me a hundred years to find and fall in love with your father.”
Their children thought it was a fairy tale. But Richard and Bronwen knew differently, it was no fairy tale, it was a happily ever after.
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