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Naptime Again

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They sure had been taking alot of naps lately.

Category: Samurai Champloo - Rating: R - Genres: Romance - Characters: Fuu, Jin, Mugen - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2005-12-27 - Updated: 2005-12-28 - 876 words - Complete

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Squinting against the bright sunlight breaking through the branches of the trees above them, Mugen stretched, feeling the warm body next to him. Remembering how their naptime had begun, he smirked. Looking right then rolling onto his side, he grinned even wider, plotting as his two lovers slept on, unaware of his wakefulness.

Reaching over, he ran his fingers through her soft, brown locks, hearing her sigh quietly in her sleep.

No wonder the both of them were still sleeping so soundly. They /should /be worn the hell out!

Running the pad of his thumb over her cheekbone, he leaned forward, sucking her soft, supple earlobe into his mouth, worrying it gently between his teeth. She sighed again, a little less quietly this time. Smirk growing even bigger, he ran the tip of his tongue down the pale column of her throat, suckling, nibbling on the junction at the bottom where her neck and shoulder met.

Continuing his path, he grazed his teeth across her collarbone, scraping the skin lightly, hearing her sighs grow louder.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw dark hair stirring, rolling toward them.

Treating her nipple a bit like a sweet, he licked repeatedly, hearing her sighs shift over to moans, feeling her small hands come up to tug insistently on his hair.

Feeling fingernails tracing a line down his back, he jerked, body responding instantly to what it knew would eventually mean exquisite pleasure. Pressing backward, he felt the warm, firm body of the quiet samurai pressing against him, already hot, hard.

Pulling Fuu's nipple in between his teeth, he bit down, hard enough to sting, but not to break skin. Hearing her squeak he laved it better with his tongue.

A long fingered, pale hand ghosted around his side, dipping lightly in his belly button before following the thin, crinkly path of hair downward, forcing a groan as he felt himself harden, blood pooling, rushing to his groin.

Groaning, he released her breast and lavished openmouthed kisses on her ribs, running his tongue up and down the hollow between each fine bone. Feeling her hands tug harder, pulling his hair almost painfully, he closed his eyes, feeling his cock impossibly stiffening even more.

Thin, soft lips kissed a hot path down his spine, licking, loving each and every knot. Losing what little control he was holding onto, his forehead fell heavily against the soft skin of Fuu's belly, abandoning his journey down her body for the moment.

Reaching down he ran his fingers along her thigh, tickling lightly behind her knee before retracing their path upward, lazily stroking the spot where her butt curved into her thighs. Her hips jerked rapidly, jarring him back into action.

Nudging his nose through the dark, crinkly curls, she spread her legs wide, opening, giving him the access he needed to taste her, pleasure her.

He could feel Jin's hot, wet tongue tracing the curves of his ass, nipping, tasting, biting. He jerked his hips as he felt the sharp sting of teeth breaking skin, tongue lapping blood. Groaning, his cock started leaking, dripping. That wonderful tongue was now running down the cleft between his cheeks, massaging gently along the way.

Moving swiftly, he plunged his tongue into her drenching wet core, sucking, pulling hard when he heard her scream. Pressing two fingers into her welcoming heat, he braced her bucking hips with his other hand.

He felt the soft, wetness of Jin's tongue, probing him, pushing slowly into him, stretching him, the touch sending shocks jolting throughout his body. Groaning loudly he thrust his fingers faster into Fuu, relentlessly driving her forward, propelling her faster, harder.

The pale hand clamped around his dick, squeezing, fondling, stroking in time to the thrusting tongue. Unable to stop himself now, his hips jerked uncontrollably in time to Jin's strokes.

Moving his tongue to her clit, he flicked it faster, faster, her body twitching, shaking.

He felt Jin move behind him, the hand on his cock sliding up, down, up, down, driving him fucking insane. Feeling the dick brushing against his ass, he moaned, pressing backward, searching, seeking.

Tongue moving faster, fingers pounding harder he felt Jin spear him in one smooth swift, stroke. Arching his back, he groaned, feeling deliciously full, achingly heavy.

Desperately adding a third finger, he pressed deeper, finding the spot he'd been looking for, feeling her hips toss, her hands pulling his hair, yanking, jerking, fingernails scoring his scalp.

Jin stroking, deeper, harder, hitting that magical place, causing Mugen's moans to heighten.

Fuu tensed beneath him, crying out his name, convulsing against his lips, soaking him in her juices.

Jin hammered in, out, harder, faster, deeper, hitting that hidden spot with unerring accuracy, stroking his cock rhythmically

Mugen screamed, body jerking, a white stream bursting, spurting forth.

Jin filled him, groaning quietly yet still more noisily than was normal for him.

All three collapsed, spent, upon their makeshift bed, breathing ragged, harsh.

After a few minutes, they smiled tiredly at each other. Nodding their heads in agreement, it was decided. No words were needed, it was definitely naptime.

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