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A Birthday Only Comes Once A Year, So Why Not Make The Best Of It?

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Can such a sad birthday be real? Or will it all be better? Yes, it's a one shot. :]

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Alrighty, let's see where this goes. I'm pretty sure this is a one shot. :]
Remember, I own nothing & thoughts are in Italics. :D
And people, remember, this is FICTION. This has NEVER happened, nor do I ever believe it will happen. Now, if it does, then great for them! :]

He looked down at the small cupcake on the table. This was the worst birthday of his life.

"Every other year, my birthday has been awesome, but this year all I get is one stupid cupcake."

It wasn't even homemade. It was one of those hostes cupcakes you buy at the store. He sighed and got up. He didn't even get any phone calls that day. He walked over to the cupboard and got one small candle.

"Might as well make the best of it."

He went over to one of the drawers and pulled it open, searching for matches. He was standing in his cluttered kitchen. He really needed to make some time to clean, he didn't like messes too much. Finally after shuffling through the drawer he pulled out a small box of matches.

He walked back over to his kitchen table, sitting down in one of the chairs. He stuck the purple candle into the cupcake and grabbed a match. He struck it against the box to get it to flame. It didn't. He tried it again, it failed once more. He sighed again.

"This birthday really sucks."

He tried once more, finally the match abided to him. It lit and he put the flame next to the candle. After the candle was lit he blew the match out, putting it onto a tray that was sitting near him. He really needed to clean...

He sang happy birthday to himself, sadly, staring down into the flame. Then he closed his eyes and made a wish.

"I wish somebody would care."

He blew out the candle and opened his eyes. He took the candle and burned match and placed them in the wastebasket. He looked around.

"I really, really need to clean..."

He replaced the matches and ate his cupcake.

After a while he got fed up of sitting around. It was just so boring! He got up, and was about to turn on the surround sound when he heard the doorbell.

"Hey! Maybe someone's here! Like someone fun."

He went to get the door, he held in a sigh. Only girl scouts. He didn't need cookies, so he politely declined. He shut the door and sighed as he went into his bedroom.

"I give up, nobody cares. Not even family!"

He grabbed his phone to check for new messages, there were none. He fell onto his bed.

"How come nobody cares? Is it because I smell funny? Wait...I don't smell funny. Why the hell would I think that?"

He was staring at the ceiling thinking of everyone, everyone who didn't call. Everyone who didn't send a card. Everyone who didn't even stop by to say a quick 'hello'.

"What did I do?!! Arg, maybe today's not my birthday and I'm a day off."

He checked his phone for the right date, it was his birthday. He sighed again.

"This sucks, I'm lonely."

He got up, grabbing his Ipod from his bedside table. He turned it on, put it on shuffle and eventually fell asleep.

After a few hours he woke up, it was eleven at night. He groggily sat up with a yawn. He looked around the dim room, nothing. The only light was that of the moonlight coming in from the window.

"I don't remember pulling back the curtains.

He took the ear buds out of his ears and placed his Ipod back in it's original spot. He stretched and got up. His hair was messy, he ran a hand through it to calm it.

"Could this day get any worse?"

He sighed and walked downstairs, through the hallway and into the kitchen. He saw the messy kitchen again. He sighed.

"It just did."

He turned on the surround sound in his living room. He blasted music through the speakers and started to clean.

After forty-five long minutes he threw the last bag of trash in the trashcan outside. He let out a breath and walked back into his house. He turned down the speakers, to where the music was a dull throb. He let himself fall into his chair. He looked at the clock, it read 11:47 PM. He looked at the blank TV.

"This has been the worst birthday of my life, it's not even a birthday!! It's just another fucking day!"

He was snapped back into reality when the doorbell rang. He looked at the clock. 12:01 AM.

"Who the hell would be here this late?"

He got up and walked over to the door. The only light on was the small one in the living room. He flicked on the porch light, and the hallway light. He opened the door to a smiling Brendon.

"Happy Birthday Ryan!", Brendon smiled at him, "Sorry it's late, I was busy today."

He let Brendon in, "Uh, thanks." Brendon looked at him, "What's wrong?" Ryan shook his head, "Nothing." He shut the door, turning off the lights as Brendon turned on the lights in the living room. "Jez, are you trying to evolve to a higher species or something?", Brendon was joking around. Ryan shrugged, "No." He sat down on the couch. Brendon sensed there was something wrong, "Come on Ryan, what's wrong?"

Ryan looked up at him, "This is the worst birthday ever, that's what's wrong." "What are you talking about? You didn't get anything? Nothing?", Brendon questioned. Ryan shook his head. "Aw dude, that sucks. I'm sorry. I would have gotten you more, but...I couldn't think of anything", Brendon was still standing. Ryan didn't see anything in his hands, "What are you talking about? You being here, and even a small 'happy birthday' is good enough, even if it is", he glanced at the clock, "five minutes late."

Brendon sat next to him on the couch, "Well, then I guess that's good." He smiled. "You said you were busy all day, what were you doing?", Ryan asked, purely out of curiosity. Brendon thought about it, "Well, I had to go do a bunch of errands, then I had to think of something to get you, I lost my phone so I couldn't call, I wasn't at home all day, so then I thought about a gift and finally came up with one about twenty minutes ago, so then I came over." Brendon looked at him. "Sounds fun", Ryan said dully, "I sat at home all day, doing nothing."

Brendon caught Ryan off guard, putting his hand behind his head and pulling him closer. Brendon said, "Happy birthday Ryan" and pressed his lips to Ryan's. Ryan didn’t object and kissed him back. After a little while, they broke apart, Ryan smiling, "Thank you." Brendon smiled, "You’re welcome."

Things were definitely looking up.

Yep, it's done. :] Hope you liked it. :] I know it's a bit cliche, but hey, I liked it. :] This is in honor of Ryan's birthday, which is the 30th I believe...? Something like that. Near the end of August, my friend Kathy told me that once. I only remembered because like, it's right around the corner from mine lol. Well! Reviews are nice! Hope you liked it! And if Ryan ever reads this, which I HIGHLY doubt he will, Happy Birthday to you! :]
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