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A day in the life of Naruto and his family.

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The sound of an opening door catches Haya's attention as she slices up vegetables for dinner, pausing in mid-motion and looks over her shoulder as she shifts her body slightly, out of unconscious habit. "Iruka? Naruto?" Knowing it is too early for Kakashi to be back.

"It's me."

Iruka appears through the doorway dividing the kitchen and places both the grocery bag and the stack of papers down on the tabletop before leaning down to scoop up a very insistant toddler. "How's my girls today?" He presses a kiss to the little girl's chubby cheek, causing her to squeal happily, cooing right back at Aiko.

"We're fine." Her expression softens as she watches him then places the knife down, turning and leaning on the counter, a slow grin spreading across her face. "Oh I see how it is. You ignore the mother of your child in favor of that one."

He looks at her over the top of their daughter's head and lets out a laugh, placing the toddler on the floor again before crossing the room to where she is standing. Lightly pinning her to the counter and leans down to kiss her on the mouth. "Never."

A shriek causes both to look down at the baby glaring up at them, her tiny fists bunched in Iruka's pants leg and she tugs hard. "My daddy! Daddddddddy!"

"She's been like that all day. I had to finally put a containment jutsu up just to keep her in the same room as me." She answers the question he shoots her and shrugs one shoulder. "If you want to help me, keep Aiko busy while I finish dinner. When Naruto gets home, have him watch her."

"Where is Naruto? I would have thought he would be home by now."

"He and Kakashi went to do some training this morning and they came back for lunch before going in different directions. Naruto had mumbled something but I didn't catch what and Kakashi was summoned to Hokage-sama's office. Haven't heard from him since. He might not be home for dinner tonight."

Nodding, Iruka picks up the scowling child and kisses Haya on the cheek again. "If you want, I can take her with me to work tomorrow. My students love her and would like to see her again."

"You might have to anyways. I'm going to be on a mission."

Worry and a good dose of fear quickly spreads across his face and he opens his mouth to ask when she places her hand over his mouth and gives him a small smile. "Shh. It's a short mission. Two, maybe three days. It's a B class mission but barely and only because the client was adament about making it one. I won't even be going very far. Only to Tanzaku city. That's all I can say."

"Where have I heard that before?" He mutters quietly to himself and the sudden opened palm slap to his shoulder causes him to look down at Haya.

"The chances of that happening to me is slim. Normally this mission would go to a chuunin but the client insisted on a jounin and it was just pure chance I had walked into the mission room to speak with Godaime. Genma was right behind me, it could have been him but I was ahead of him, that's all." Voice firm as she turns away, picking the knife back up and resumes cutting. "Now go play."

"Love you too." Retorts at her back as he turns and exits the kitchen, not seeing her look over her shoulder and mouth the words back while grinning. His attention on the silver haired baby in his arms. "What would you like to play, sweetheart?"


"You're still too young. How about we get your blocks out?"

Brown eyes blink up at him before a smile breaks out on her face and nods. "Hai! Na'to play too?!"

"Naruto isn't home yet."



"Yes, sweetie?"

"Love you."

"I love you too."

The front door and a voice calling out causes her to twist rapidly in her father's arms as she shrieks. "Na'to! Na'to! Na'to!!!!" Her little body flops sideways, arms stretched as far out as she can make them, all the while squealing her brother's name at the top of her lungs.

A blond head peers around the door frame and a gleaming pair of blue eyes focus on the little girl. "Oh it's just you."




Laughing, he finally comes from around the door, holding a box in his arms and places it on the floor before he reaches out and takes his baby sister from his adoptive father. Tosses her into the air once, making her shriek louder then holds her close, pressing his face to her hair, inhaling the unique baby scent and revealing in the pure love she gives him. Learnt from this small child just what unconditional love really is and it a gift he is always grateful for. "I got something for you, chibi."


"Yep. Want me to help you open it?"


He places her down on the floor then drops next to her, sitting cross legged, watching as she struggles with the box. Reaching out, he lifts the lid, revealing a two month old puppy.


Blue eyes lift up to land on his father's face. "Dad?"


"Both you all said that she could have a pet and Kiba owed me."

Shoulders slump and gives Naruto a rueful look then just shakes his head, resigned.

A happy squeal and a series of barks makes not only both of them look to see what is going on, it brings Haya out of the kitchen.

The expression on her face is priceless as she stares at the wolf looking puppy running in circles then she begins to laugh, pressing a hand to her mouth as she watches their daughter chase the animal. It's this scene that Kakashi walks in on and finds his family welcoming the newest member.

Iruka looks up and smiles at the silver haired man, holding a hand out to him so he'll come join them, as Kakashi drapes himself across him and tugs his mask down, kissing him, even as Naruto gags and protests having to see his parents making out in public. A last thought floats through his mind as he relaxes and gives into the feelings.

'This is the life I choose for myself. And I wouldn't change it for anything.'
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