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drawing with gerard

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I DOOOO NOT OWN MCR! But thank GOD that they allow us to write about them! The only characters I own are my own… So enjoy and R&R

“Come on Gabbi! Please come to my house!” Mikey begged me for the millionth time.I sighed and looked up at Mikey and Frank, who were giving my puppy dog eyes. These 2 guys were my best friends and I loved them to death so reluctantly I agreed even though I didn’t want to go.

“YAY! THANK YOU GABBI!” Frankie screamed, hugging me tightly. Mikey joined the hug and they squeezed me to the point that I couldn’t breathe.

“ALRIGHT GUYS!” I said, “let me breathe” I added. They pulled back and I looked up nervously at Mikey. “Is Gerard gonna be there?” I asked quietly. Mikey nodded and squeezed my hand.
“Don’t worry about it Gabbi. He usually doesn’t bother us” Mikey said. I nodded and we linked arms. I had been afraid of Gerard since he’d pushed me out of a tree when I was 6. The three of us began to skip down the street towards Mikey’s house.

“GEE! I’M HOME!” Mikey screamed when we entered the house. We walked towards the kitchen where Gerard was sitting on the counter.
“ and I should care why?” Gerard asked with a smirk. I immedaitley stood closer to Frankie , who squeezed my hand. “ Hi Frank, hi Gabrielle” he said , smiling when he said my name. I shivered and squeezed Franks hand. Mikey handed me a glass and we walked up the stairs to his room.

“See Gabbi, that wasn’t so bad was it?” Mikey ased,
“It was okay I guess” I said , sitting onn Mikeys bed “I still hate your for making em come here” I added ; pulling my long brown hair into a ponytail, with my bangs haning in my face. I put on my thick rimmed glasses and opened my school bag. Frank pulled out his math homework, Mikey pulled out History and I pulled out my art homework, since I had finished all the other work in study hall.
“I still don’t get how you can finish all you work in study hall Gabbi” Frank said, I smiled and looked up at him.

“’Cause Frankie, I unlike you actually do work instead of playing paperfootball like you and Mikay do” I said with a smirk.

“Gabbi, you suck” Mikey said with a crooked smile that was so like his older brothers.
“Yeah, but that’s why you love me” I said “Okay, so for art I have to draw a portrait of someone, which one of you two wants to be my inspiration?” I asked.
“Oh HEELLL NO!” Frank said. “You know I can’t sit still fro that long Gabbi” Frank said, with an appolegitic smile. I sighed and looked at Mikey , who shook his head.
“I’m always in your drawings Gabb. You should draw Gerard” He said as Gerard walked into the room
“What about me?” Gerard asked. I blushed and looked at the floor.
“Gabbi needs to draw someone for art and I suggested you” Mikey said. I looked up to see Gerard smiling and nodding.
“Sure, when do you want to do it Gabrielle?” he asked. I shrugged and aimed a death glare at Frank and Mikey, who smiled innocently.
“I guess now. Where do you want to be drawn?” I asked. He smiled.
“My room” Gerard said. I nodded and picked up my sketch book.
“Kayy, I’ll be down in a minute” I said, Gerard nodded and mamde his way down the stairs. “I hate you both” I said as I left the room.
“Oh come on Gabbi!” Frank said, following me down the stairs. I ignored them and walked into the basement, where Gerard had made his room.
“Gerard?” I called as I walked down the stairs. He was sitting on the bed, sketching in his own sketchbook.
“Yeah, come on down Gabrielle. Sit where ever you want.” He said, closing his sketchbook. I nodded and settled myself on the floor, with my back against the wall, facing his bed. “How do you want me to pose?” he asked. I though for a moment and smiled.
“Um I guess staring into space, with your knees to you chest, looking kinda bothered” I said. Gerard ran a hand though his long black hair and settled himself, looking at the Misfits poster abovehis bed. I smiled and began to sketch his outline. I continued for hours. I knew he would look at me ever once in a while and smile slightly before looking back at the poster. Mrs. Way came down the stairs and smiled as she looked at us.
“Gabrielle sweetheart. I called you mother and told her you were staying for dnner, now come one you two you can continue after dinner. Go wash up.” she said, in her motherly tone. I nodded and followed Gerard up the stairs.

“So Gabbi, hows the drawing going?” Frank asked after dinner, as I was getting ready to go back into the basement.. I shrugged and smiled at Gerard, who beckoned me to follow.
“It’s going okay I guess.” I said quietly.
“Do you want to sleep over since it’s Friday? Mum can call you mum and we can go get your clothes” Mikey said . I smiled and nodded.
“Yeah sure” I said, hugging them and walking back down the stairs where Gerard was waiting.
“Ready?” He asked, sitting in the same position.
“Yeah “ I said , continuing the drawing.
“So Gabrielle, what’s your favourite band?” he asked.
“Definaitley Queen , they are so amazing” I said “How about you?”
“The misfits” Gerard said with a small smile. “What about your favourite colours?” He asked.
“Black and turquoise” I said. We fell into a confortable silence, that was broken by Frank and Mikey running down the stairs.
“GABBBBBIIII!!!!!!!!!” Frank screamed, jumping on my back and trying to sneak a look at my drawing. I snapped my sketchbook shut and looked up at him. “Awah, can’t I see PLEASE!?” he begged I smiled and shook my head.
“Gabbs, we’re going to get your clothes. What do you want us to take.?” Mikey asked. I smiled and shook my head.
“Mikey as long as it matches. I don’t care” I said. They nodded and ran back up the stairs. I smiled and went back to my drawing.
“You’re letting them go through your room?” Gerard asked. I nodded.
“Yeah I trust them so it doesn’t matter to me. They’ve been though my room so many times before, so it doesn’t matter to me” I said, finishing the last pencil stroke on the drawing. “There I’m done” I said with a satisfied smile. Gerard smiled and beckoned me to his bed. I sat down beside him and showed him the drawing.
“Gabrielle, this is firkin amazing” he said. I blushed and looked at my knees.
“Thanks” I said quietly. He looked up at me concerned.
“Why are you so scared of me Gabrielle?” He asked. I looked down at my knees.
“You almost killed me when I was 6” I said quietly. Gerard suddenly had his arms around me, holding me close.
“I’m sorry Gabbi, I never meant to hurt you or scare you” he said. Gerard looked into my eyes and kissed me.I smiled and kissed him back. Not noticing the front door slam shut. Gerard started to make out with me, unti,we heard banging up stairs.

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