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The Fight

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I can't believe this happended to us.

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I woke up that morning alone. I really wish I could just tell Billiam and that he wouldn't flip out and just let me and Joely be together. But Billiam scares me. I don't know what to think with him. He's totally unpredictable.
Anyways I walked out into the louge where the rest of the guys were. They were all playin video games. I sat down by Joely and Benji, Billy was nowhere to be seen.
"Wheres Billy?" I asked
"Still sleepin." Benji said
They were playin some type of fighting game. They were kickin each others ass. I stole the controller from Benji and started beatin the shit outta Dean. They I was picked up and thrown by Joel.
"Joely!" I said
I ran back and started beatin the shti outta Joely.
"What the fuck Bella! I was just fuckin kidding." He said
I droped the controller and just looked at him. I couldn't believe him. He was getting worked up over a stupid fuckin game. I just steared at him. I got up and ran to my bunk. I was pissed. It was actually kind of our first fight, and it had to be over some stupid little game. I was pissed. I layed down in my bunk and started cryin. Just then my curtain pulled back and it was Benji.
"Hey." I said sniffing.
"Whats up Izzie?" He asked
"Benji... Were you in the same room we were! Joely took that game do fuckin serisouly. God what is his problem! Arg"I said
"Izzie... Don't freak about it. Joels an ass like that sometimes. Just forget about it." Benji said
"I can't believe it." I said
Benji shook his head. "It will be alright Izzie. I promise." He said "I'll talk to him."
"Thanks Benji Butt." I said
"Just don't worry about it to much." Benji said
"Alright." I said
Benji walked out and I got no my computer. I got on and told the fans that we launched out tour, and we hope to see them at our shows. (I think of their shows as mine to.) and then I got on MySpace and saw that I got a message for Sarah. Benji and Joels sister. Me and her are bestfriends. She doesn't come along with us much, but I love it when she does. I mean whouldn't you go crzy spending months in a tour bus with 5 guys. I do. So I'm glad when she comes along. I have someone I can relate to more and someone to have 'girl talk' with.
Anywho. I checked him message that said:
Miss. Bella,
Hey Hun! How's it goin? I heard you guys started the tour. Benji called me this morning. I hope they behave. haha. Yeah, so how are You and Joely? I hope you two are doing good. Message me back A.S.A.P Hun! Love ya!
Love Always,
Miss. Sarah

I messaged back
Sarie Poo,
Hey Darling! It's going okay. Me and Joel had our first fight a few mins ago. It was over some stupid fightin game. He threw me. I turned around and beat his ass. He got offened, so I'm quite pissed off. So I got up and left the room. ah did it make me quite madd. Benji said he was going to talk to him. I hope he relizes how he hurt me. Anywho! I so wish you were here right now! I miss you! Anywho message me back when you get this A.S.A.P! Love you Darling!
Forever and Always,
Bellie Poo

I shut my laptop and layed it on the shelf above my head. I layed down and got my ipod and turned it on. I laied there listening to Take Your Hands Off My Girl. Joely wrote it for me but he only told me. I love the song. I stared cryin again and eventually drifted off to sleep.

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