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Franks response

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....the drama builds!

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I pulled back from Gerard, realizing what had just happened between me and Gerard. I grabbed my sketchbook and pushed him off me. Gerard, grabbed my hand but I pushed him off, walking up the stairs.
creamed, running up the stairs to the living room. “Where’s my PJS? “ I asked. Frank handed me some pyjama bottoms and a black tank top. I walked to the bathroom to change, and came out laughing. “Mikey you guys just HAD to pick the one tank top I have that’s to tight and to short?” I asked, . They looked up to see me in a tank top that was extremely tight and short.
“Oh shit Gabbi sorry” Mikey said. “You can take one of mine” he added. I nodded and ran up the staircase, bumping into Gerard as I walked up.
“Wow Gabbi, I’m sorry.” he said , I smiled, still kind of nervous and ran up to Mikey’s room. I grabbed one of his Anthrax t’shirts and laughed as I saw a box of condoms hidden under it. I walked back down the stairs and smirked at Mikey knowingly.
“They’re not mine” Mikey said defensively. “They’re Frankies”
That made me laugh.
“NO WAY!” I said, laughing hysterically “The only one of us that’s been close to having sex is…” I stopped myself as Gerard walked into the room.
“GABBI WHO?” Frank asked. He thought for a minute and his eyes got wide. Mikey realized this too and looked socked.
“WITH WHO GABBI????” they asked at the same time. Gerard smirked and sat down beside me. I blushed and looked to the floor.
“No one, I was joking” I said trying to sound reassuring. I smiled slightly and started the movie where we fell into silence. Mikey and Frank soon fell asleep and it was just me and Gerard who were awake. He leant closer to me and whispered
“You know you shouldn’t scare Mikey like that. You know how he gets. Especailly if it concerns his best friend and older brother”. I nodded and fell asleep on his shoulder.

“AWAHHH look Mikey, they look so cute together” I heard Frank say. I opened my eyes to see myself cuddled up with Gerard. He had his arms around me and I was snuggled up to his chest.
“HOLYYY SHIZZNET!” I screamed, pulling away from Gerard and waking him up.
“AH and she wakes up and scares the living daylight out of Gerard” Mikey said with a sigh.
“Did you have to scream Gabrielle?” Gerard asked, rubbing his ears. I glared at him and stood up. I stretched, yawned and turned to Mikey who handed me a bag.
“Good morning Mikey, Frankie , I’m going to take a shower, see you soon” I said before heading up to the bathroom. I grabbed a towel and turned on the water, thinking about my feelings for Gerard.

----------------------------20 MINTUES LATER-----------------------------
I walked down the stairs to see Mikey and Frank stuffing themselves with Frosted Flakes. sighed and shook my head, knowing that it would have a big effect on Frank in the next 2 hours. I sat down in between Frank and Gerard and smiled slightly. I was laughing at Frank when Gerard suddenly grabbed my thigh under the table. I gasped and glared at him. Mikey looked up , concerned.
“What’s wrong Gabbi?” he asked. I shook my head and smiled.
“Nothing Mikey I bit my tongue” I said, taking Gerard’s hand off my thigh and giving it a quick squeeze.
“So Gabrielle, are you willing to pose for one of my drawings ?” Gerard asked with a smirk. I shrugged and stood up, rinsing my bowl.
“Sure,” I said flipping my brown hair over my shoulders. “Where and when?” I asked, turning to face him. Gerard thought for a moment and then smiled.
“My room in 5” He said, walking down into his room. I smiled at my 2 best friends who smirked and hugged me
“GABBI! I’M GONNA MISS YOUU!!!” frank and mikey screamed. I laughed and walked down into the basement.
“Hey ,” I said, sitting down on his bed and facing him. He nodded and smiled slightly before beginning to draw.
“Do you want anything to read or something?” Gerard asked awkwardly, a few hurs later. I looked up dazed. I had been zoned out. ”You look bored” He said nervously. I smiled and shook my head.
“I was just thinking about last night” I said. He frowned and stared at his page.
“Let me guess, it was the worst mistake of your life?” He asked bitterly. I shook my head and looked at him.
“No Gerard.” I said, gathering my thoughts. “I like you really, I, I just don’t know” I said.
“So you ant a relationship, you just don’t want anyone to know?” he ased. I sighed.
“I…I don’t know Gee” I said. He smiled happily and sat beside me. He tucked a piece of his long black hair behind one ear and smiled, handing me his sketchbook. I looked down to see his drawing, he made me look so beautiful. “Oh Gerard, it’s beautiful!” I said. He smiled shyly and kissed me deeply.

“ GABBI!! HELPPP!!!!! FRANKS ON A SUGAR HIGH!” Mikey screamed, as something or someone fell tot eh ground. Mikey screamed and Frank laughed evilly. I sighed and walked up the stairs, grabbing Frank’s arm as he ran by.

“GABBI! I MISSED YOU!:” Frank screamed, I laughed and ran up to Mikey’s room as I got an idea. I grabbed Mikey’s water guns and filled them with Ice cold water. Then when I got back down stairs I chucked one at Mikey and one at Gerard.
“Let’s tire him out.” I said. Mikey laughed evilly and started to spray Frank who screamed and ran intot eh backyard, with us chasing him. It worked pretty well until Frank turned the hose on me. “FRANK! I screamed as icy cold water made contact with my clothes. He laughed and I tackled him. Gerard and Mikey burst out laughing. I smiled mischeviously at Frank and he nodded. We instantly became I team. I took the hose and started spraying Mikey, who screamed and laughed.
“I’m gonna get you Gabbi” Mikey said, coming towards him but I tripped him and began to tickle him. Mikey laughed and did the same to me. That was until we were both sprayed. I turned to see Gerard, waving his water gun around and smirking. Frank grabbed the hose and tossed ti to me and I sprayed Gerard to my satisfaction, that was until we saw Frank lie down on the ground, tired.
“Tired Frankie?:” I asked. he nodded and I collapsed beside him. I looked down at my wet clothes and sighed. “I’m going home to change I’ll see yall later” I said,.
“Wait Gabbi, let me get done and we’ll all go together” Mikey said. I nodded and Mikey ran into the house. I turned to Gerard
“Wanna come?” Gerard nodded and got up to go into the house. Frank looked up at me with a thoughtful look on his face.
“It was Gerard wasn’t it?” He asked “Last night when you were talking about you being the closest one to get to … it was with Gerard wasn’t it?” He asked. I nodded, tears slipping down my cheeks. Frank hugged me close.
“I didn’t want to kiss him, it just happened” I said quietly, tears still pouring down my cheeks. “I don’t like Gerard though” I said.
“Did you tell Gerard this?” Frank asked, he ran a hand through my hair and put a finger on my chin.
“No. I like Gerard and all but..” I said, crying harder. Frank instantly began to kiss the tears away. I looked up at the window to see Gerard watching us. I buried my head in franks chest and cried. Frank rubbed my back and hugged me close.
“Shh, Gabbi everything’s gonna be okay.” he whispered, as Mikey and Gerard waked out the house.

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