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[Twilight Princess] Concerned about how Link is coping with his travels, Ilia has a talk with him.

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Disclaimer: /The Legend of Zelda series created and owned by Nintendo./


It's kind of interesting to think about what I did and didn't remember.

I couldn't remember my own name or the names of the other Ordonians, or even Ordon itself, but I remembered how to talk. I even remembered how Link talks; he told me after I regained my memories that he can't communicate with anyone outside of Ordon without his writing book. And yet I didn't remember Link, even though I understood when he told me Epona's name in his sign language.

I'm pretty sure, though, that he didn't have all those cuts on his arms the last time I saw him. He's here in Kakariko for the night, resting with friends before going back to doing... well, whatever he is doing out there. Helping people. I can see him standing just outside the sanctuary; it looks like he's drawing pictures in the stars. It's cooler now, so his sleeves are down... and I can't see his arms anymore.

He's told us about a few of his adventures, but he seems a little hesitant to whenever someone asks. I don't think Talo or Beth have noticed; they're usually the ones asking him questions. I can't help but worry about Link, out there with just Epona to keep him company. He acts brave, but I can't help but wonder...

I leave the window and go outside, where Link looks at me and nods to acknowledge that I'm there. He's smiling; at least he still seems happy to see me. I smile back and say, "Hello again, Link. See anything interesting up there?"

He looks up at the stars, then back to me, signing. 'Only what Rusl showed me. Star pictures good for travelling.'

I nod. "You sure have been doing a lot of that, lately."

He snorts, a little amused, and nods. 'Not much longer.'

"Oh? What makes you say that?"

He looks down, and there's a pause before he responds. 'My conscience tells me.'

I'm... not sure I like where this conversation is going. He must notice how uncomfortable I look; he's tilted his head and just signed 'What?'

"Are... how are you doing out there, Link? Feeling okay?" Courageous Farore, this feels strange to ask. But I have to. If Link's suffering, and needs some help... but he just gives me a blank look. "Your... your arms, Link. I saw your arms earlier, at dinner."

If anything, that just seems to confuse him further. He looks down at one, his left, then pushes the sleeve of his undershirt back. There aren't any marks on the top, but when he turns it over I see what I saw earlier: a bunch of shallow parallel slashes running across his arm. Link frowns and looks up at me, tapping one of the cuts with his right index finger.

"Yes... those."

He chuckles.

He... actually chuckles, and signs 'Cat.' Then, 'Many cats.'

He continues after I don't respond, though I figure out the basic idea of his answer half a second before he starts signing. 'Your friend in the mountains has many cats. Playful cats. Some do not like to be held by anyone but her.'


Link suddenly laughs; I'm not sure if it's at me or not. 'Thought it was something bad?' I can only nod, and he grins. 'Don't go red. You're my friend; it's your job to be worried about me.' He's... right, I guess, but just the same I'm flushing all over. Cats... of course it would be cats...

Still snickering, he gives me an affectionate pat on the back. 'Show you a few star pictures?'

"Er... yes, Link. Yes, that would be nice."
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