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Part 12 - I Know That This Is What You Want

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The End

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Part 12
The End
I Know That This Is What You Want

Stacy wiped her brow as the sweltering heat hit every pore upon her forehead. She dragged her feet across the linoleum floor as she served the last customers of the day within the sweaty deserted café. She leaned her body across the counter as she watched the over weight trucker finish off his pancakes. He shovelled them in as though they were the last supper and turned his rotating jaw to her, letting his eyes wink at her. She turned her head out of disgust and watched as the clocks turned slowly in front of her, peeling a hair strand upon her head and tucking it behind her ear. The trucker picked up his weight from the counter, wiping the muck from his face with his handkerchief. He slammed a bunch of dollars down on the side.

”And there’s a little something for your sweet ass” he said with another perverted wink. She smiled half out of gratitude and half out of wanting the guy to disappear completely. She followed him to the door and breathed out a sigh as she closed the door behind him, turning the lock and flipping the sign to ‘closed.’ She instantly grabbed the mop from the corner, ignoring the buzz of a lone fly around it and slopped it onto the floor. She slid the handle from side to side and expected nothing but a wet patch to appear, hardly caring that the water add more dirt to the floor and not clean. She slammed the mop into bucket and untied the apron from her body. She placed it upon a hanger and grabbed her jacket, sliding it over her diner dress. Her boss came from the back and his cold hearted glare nodded allowing her to go. She walked slowly out of the café, jingling her keys within her pocket and pushing them into the ignition. She smoothed her hand over the steering wheel and made her way home, throughout the practically deserted town. She refused to let her eyes sink in the details, it was run down and everything moved so slowly that time almost stood still in a haze of heat. It was a different life from that of the fast paced city she lived in before but strangely this town called to her, called her to leave it all behind.

Stacy pulled into her apartment block car park and sat for a moment contemplating the spiral of moments that caused her to be sat in this derelict site. It took a second but she breathed them in heavenly and then removed herself from her car. She made sure that her car was locked, even if that meant opening and locking it again. She shook her head and clapped away from the car and entered the apartment block building, nodding at the landlord sat quietly behind murky glass.

She walked over to the elevators and sighed as the sign in scrawled writing informing her they were out of order, again. She rolled her eyes and grabbed the railing at the bottom of the stairs. The apartment block was as run down and clichéd as they would come. On the first floor, as Stacy spiralled up the stairs, there was a couple arguing. Even Stacy jumped as something hit the door; she peered to find milk softly creeping from the crack underneath the door. Stacy carried on up her journey. On the second floor there was a baby crying, loudly and Stacy could make out a mothers worried cries, she sounded young. Up on the third floor a TV blared full blast and drowned out the cop cars that made their way further to the apartment block. A man rushed passed her as if panicking.

”You didn’t see nothing,” he pointed viciously which was hardly threatening as he was halfway through putting his trousers on. Stacy merely shrugged at his manic pointing and allowed him to practically fall down the stairs. She had finally climbed to her level, where everything was seemingly quiet. She turned the corner to make her way down the corridor to her apartment. She fumbled within her handbag to find her keys and as she padded down she looked up and found a figure sitting outside her door, suitcases piled around him. She stared and dropped her handbag upon the floor. Her mouth fell open as she took in her details but there he was, as plain as day. She did not know what else to do but bend down to the floor and pick up her handbag. He turned to face her and scrambled to his feet. He rushed forward to help up her and held on to her elbow and picked her up from the ground. She opened her eyes to his and tears started to fall. She couldn’t believe he had found her, she couldn’t believe that he had come.

”Stacy,” he muttered furiously placing his lips on hers, “Stacy we are meant to be together. Please, let’s forget the past, let’s forget the hurt. Let’s forget everything and start new. Stacy I still love you.”

He kissed her again and Stacy broke away from her, still stunned by everything. She drank what was happening in and soon she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her. “I still love you too, Brian.”


Patrick knocked on the door and shuffled from side to side as he breathed out the cold air. He rubbed his hands together and began to summon up some warmth in his skin. He knocked again but this time harder and the door began to viciously open. Patrick turned around and faced him, his rugged look. Brian stood, leaning against the door frame, his eyes bloodshot from lack of sleep, stubble had crawled across his face and his clothes hung loosely. Patrick looked slightly surprised and smiled for no reason.

”What do you want?” Brian muttered, over the weeks that Stacy had been gone; Brian had managed to work out what was happening. Stacy had told Brian how Patrick had broken her heart and Brian quite rightly assumed Patrick was the one that caused Stacy to leave. This being true Brian had nothing but distrust for Patrick.

”Can I come in?” Patrick replied and pushed his way into Brian’s home as Brian’s stance faltered. Brian slammed the door behind Patrick. Patrick stood awkwardly in the home and stared at the mess. Patrick delved into his coat pocket and retrieved a piece of paper. “I found her.”

”What?” Brian said for once paying full attention to Patrick.

”I found her, I found Stacy.” Patrick said and placed the piece of paper onto Brian’s table. Brian stared between it and Patrick and rolled his shoulder as if to roll the event off.

”So what?” Brian murmured, “You go find her, its obvious she wants you.”

”No not really,” Patrick said, “She may have at a time, but I hurt her, something I am going to regret everyday for the rest of my life. Like doing this. I still love her, I always will but I will always be the one that hurt her. You can be the one that gives her so much more.”

”But,” Brian began to argue but the sheer statement that Patrick had uttered was confusing him. “But she. You.”

”Don’t say anything more,” Patrick said, “I think you know what to do, the address is there.”

Patrick turned to walk out of the house and he had just hit the outside pathway when Brian came running out with the paper in his hand. He stopped Patrick in his tracks. “Patrick, thanks.”

”Just make her happy,” Patrick replied with a smile. Brian nodded causing Patrick to turn around to his car.

Patrick sat in the warmth of the leather and began to feel the tears brim around his eyelids. He sighed with a bated breath and allowed one last image of Stacy to come filtering through. He realised that he could only do one thing because he loved her. One last gift he could give her, one that means she could be happy for the rest of her life.

His last gift, was lettting her go

Ciao Bella
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