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The Worst Day Of The Year

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A Joe short.

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The worst day of the year

I woke up this morning to what seemed to be a beautiful day…to others, to me there was absolutely nothing beautiful about it. This day really isn’t that important.

“Breauna are you up?”

“Yes mom.” I yelled. I walked to the bathroom and got the shower going. I thought about all my friends and how happy they were while I was the one left out and forgotten. I’m not. I didn’t forget me…

I got out, put my clothes on, and headed downstairs.

“Hey mom. Are you taking me to school?” I asked in a bored tone.

“Sorry I can’t. I have to be at work early.” All right then, bus for me. Yay.


The bus ride was long. Well, it wouldn’t be if I didn’t have to stare at all the couples. Since when was there was so many on here anyway? They weren’t being all coupley yesterday. I’m starting to think they were doing this just to spite me. Well guess what I hate you too, you…couples.

“Breauna, how are you? Everything going good?” my friend Michelle asked

“Alright and no.”

“Aww! It’s bad to hear that. I got to go I’m meeting Billy in 5.” She walked off and hugged her boyfriend. Who did I have to screw around here just so I could have that? I’ll get over it. Mom says jealously wasn’t good to have anyway.

Joe was waving frantically when I walked into homeroom. I’m gonna take a good guess and say he wants me to come over there?

“Would you hurry up and move already?” he said. Heh, what do you know I was right.

“What moron?”

“I need help.”

“Mentally or physically?”

“We all know the answer to that.” Patrick said as I walked closer

“Yeah. Mentally!” Andy said

“Shut up! I wanted to figure out what to give this girl something.”

“Oh, no! Don’t tell me you’ve fallen in to this Valentines Day crap like Pete did.” They would’ve never invented this holiday if had they know Pete was going to be born. His head gets so big on this day because for some unknown reason every girl just has to give him a card.

“You’re just mad because I have 25 cards and you don’t have one.”

Everyone I know knows not to mention anything to me about not getting anything. It happens every year. It used to hurt but I just don’t care anymore. I gave up on love.

“Would you shut up for once!” Joe was here to save the day, he walked up to Pete and gave him a black eye.

“Joseph Mark Trohman! Detention immediately.”

“I’m sorry Ms. Covington. It wasn’t his fault he was just trying to protect me.”

“In that case you’re going to detention also!” I stood in shock. I don’t even get why I had to go. She’s just bitter because she’s in the same Valentine-less boat as me!

“I’m sorry.” I heard Pete say when I grabbed Joe’s arm and left the room. Sorry? Tell that to my dead heart.


We got to the room in no time, considering the fact it was 3 doors down. It was quiet but then again we were the only ones in here. Who gets sent to detention on Valentines Day? I do. Sometimes purposely because I’m in here for the whole day, I escape all the crappy love.

“You didn’t have to say anything you know.” Joe said after 10 minutes of silence. I didn’t say anything; just let a tear fall out instead. “Don’t cry. I don’t do well with tears.”

“Then just stay there.” This is what used to happen when I was in here alone all those years, when I cared. I would cry and then say I hadn’t when people asked later. It was routine for me.

Joe placed something in front of my face. I could not see what it was because my eyes were closed but I had felt the air and could smell it. It was chocolates.

“Joe, don’t give this to me. Give it to that girl you like.” I said. I wasn’t taking some girl’s gift out of pity.

“It’s not from pity.” It couldn’t possibly be for me then. Guys don’t like me…they think I’m gay or something, which isn’t even true.

“It’s for you.” I heard him get up from the chair next to me. I felt something being pressed up against my lips. It was soft and warm. I opened my eyes to find Joe’s blue eyes staring hard into my own searching for answers of some kind.

I never noticed how enchanting Joe’s eyes were. And mixed with the sweet taste of his lips I could feel my heart gaining life with each lingering peck he’d give me.

“I love you.” Were the only words he could say before I kissed him again.

“Thank you Joe for giving me what I wanted.”

“Thank you Breauna for giving me what I needed.”

“And that would be?” I asked hugging him, my head finding comfort against his neck

“You.” Maybe this holiday wasn’t so useless after all.
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