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If You Were Gay

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Frank tries to tell Gerard about this guy he met in the lobby.

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If You Were

Gerard was lying on the unmade bed, doodling in his sketchpad. He hadn’t drawn anything in particular; he was just messing about with different styles, which had resulted in some very strange looking drawings. He had his I-pod earphones in his ears and music was blasting out of them permanently damaging his eardrums. Well, it probably wasn’t any worse than the damage from the constant concerts, a side effect of touring lots.
“Hey Gee!”
For some reason Gerard could hear Frank’s voice over the music. He paused the song and looked up at his friend. “Yeah?”
“You'll never guess what happened to me in the lobby just,” Frank began excitedly. “This guy was smiling at me and talking to me.”
Gerard smiled confused. “Frank that happens all the time.”
“No but Gee, he was being real friendly. And I think he was coming on to me. I think he might've thought I was gay!” Frank finished sitting in front of Gerard on the bed.
Gerard sat up and rubbed his eyes. ”So, uh, why are you telling me this? Why should I care? I don't care. What did you have for lunch today?” he snapped tetchily. Lack of sleep, he reasoned. That was the only reason he was tetchy.
”Oh, you don't have to get all defensive about it-“ Frank started.
”I'm not getting defensive!” Gerard almost yelled. He breathed deeply before continuing in a quieter tone of voice. “What do I care about some gay guy you met, okay? I'm trying to draw.”
Frank tipped his head to one side. “I didn't mean anything by it, Gee.
I just think it's something we should be able to talk about.”
Gerard rolled his eyes and sat up. “I don't want to talk about it. This conversation is over!!!”
“Yeah but-“
“OVER!!!” Gerard yelled, screwing up his eyes.
Frank beamed at him. “Well, okay, but just so you know.” And it was then that he burst into song. “If you were gay. That’d be okay. I mean, cause, hey! I like you anyway. Because you see, if it were me, I would feel free to say that I was gay.”
Gerard was gaping at Frank, dumbfounded as his friend added “But I’m not gay.”
”Frank. Please. I’m trying to draw,” Gerard pleaded. For a time there was silence but Gerard felt Frank’s gaze upon him. “What?” he barked.
”If you were queer,” Frank sang.
“Frank!” Gerard moaned.
”I’d still be here-“
“I'm trying to draw.”
”Year after year. Because you’re dear to me.” Frank was grinning like an idiot, as he sang the song, sitting on Gerard’s bed.
“And I know that you, would accept me too”
“I would?” Gerard interjected.
”If I told you today, Hey guess what I’m gay! But I’m not gay.”
Gerard smiled slightly.
”I’m happy, just being with you.”
“Sweet Frankie.”
“So what should it matter to me what you do in bed with guys?!”
“Frank! That’s wrong!”
“No it’s not! If you were gay, I’d shout hooray!”
“I am not listening!” Gerard put his hands over his ears, but it didn’t work. Frank had a loud voice, which was even louder when he was singing.
”And here I’d stay but I wouldn’t get in your way.”
“You can count on me, to always be, beside you every day, to tell you it’s okay, you were just born that way.” Frank moved so he was sitting next to Gerard and put his arm round his shoulders. “Hey as they say it’s in your DNA. You’re gay.”
Frank’s face was close to Gerard’s, too close, and for a brief second their lips met softly, then they both pulled away, Gerard’s eyes sparkling. “But I’m not gay!”
“If you were gay,” Frank grinned.
An: Most of the dialogue is by Avenue Q, from the song If You Were Gay. I suggest you search it on youtube and watch it, to fully understand this fic.
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