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Chapter Twenty-Three

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"It smells like old people. Don't come in—"

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"Does that mean I'm stuck here with this idiot?" Andy yelled to them and Joe gave him a glare.

"Yeah, I guess it does, huh?" Patrick called again, before ignoring everything else and trying to keep up with Pete and his running like a fucking gazelle on steroids.

Pete ran up the steps to a house and muttered a few things to the person that answered the door; then took off running again. "Know nothing, next house!" Pete said, running up a few steps and knocking again, then repeating the steps and running over to the next house, and knocking. He did the same thing, all the while, Patrick and Tina trying to keep up with him.

When he got to this door, though, something different happened; he yelled at the old woman, "Lemme in! Lemme in! Lemme in!" and pushed himself inside the person's home.

Patrick and Tina got there and apologized to the woman and walked inside to get their friend who was perched on the couch with a horrified look on his face. Once he noticed Patrick out of the corner of his eye he jumped up and tried pushing Patrick back. "No, Patrick just go back outside. It smells like old people in here. Don't come in—"

But Patrick was pushing to try and see what Pete was looking to shocked for on the TV—and then he saw it. The bright headline that hit Patrick like a ton of bricks.


Solar… She was dead? It couldn't be. It couldn't be her. It just could be! I mean, Patrick been having such a fucking blow to the head with this love game, maybe he should just give up?

Just forget about it for a while, that might work.

"She can't be fucking dead! What are they talking about? She was only kidnapped like, an hour and a half ago! Why would he do something like this and why does he want Solar?" Patrick asked, on the verge of tears.

Tina's eyes were wide as she also came in and sat next to Patrick and began to ball her eyes out.

The old woman looked at Tina and Patrick and gave a same smile, then went to the kitchen while Pete sat down next to Tina and rubbed her back to try and comfort her.

He opened his mouth to say something to Patrick, who had begun to cry too, but shut it as his cell-phone rang. He sighed and flipped it open, "Not a good time." Was his "hello". "Yeah, yeah, we know." He said, and hung up the phone, throwing it to the floor.

The old lady came back with a platter with the cups of hot cocoa on it. "I know what you're going through and I'm sorry." She gave a half-hearted smile. "My daughter died not too long ago in a car accident."

"Yeah, that girl was our best friend and mid-wife, kinda, and not to mention Patrick's girlfriend." Pete seemed to be the only one without tears in his eyes. But he could handle things like this.

"Oh, dear, I'm very sorry." The old woman put a hand over her chest. "I'm Rosa."

"Pete." Pete said, "This is Tina, and that's Patrick."

"Well, there's some hot cocoa if you want it. I have to go finish sewing up George's pants." She smiled and walked back into the kitchen, leaving the intruders to mourn over their lost friend.


A/N: A/N: Sorry for the long wait, sorry for how short it was, and sorry for killing Solar. xDDD

Sorry, but I lost all my interest in this story. So I had to do something to bring it back.

And don't worry, it's not over yet. ;D
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