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Long Night

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Not real spoilers for ep. 17 but kinda...OkitaHijikata. Stolen moments and a part lie...but lies never did any real harm.

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Author: My first PMK fanfiction! The pairing is Souji/Toshizo (Okita/Hijikata)...and it has slight spoilers for episode 17...but nothing to really spoil anything I suppose...

Disclaimer: I don't own PMK or the characters...I just wish I did!

Long Night

"Mister Hijikata?" Souji Okita asked quietly as he slid open the shoji door that led to the Vice Commander's room. The faint light of the moon allowed Souji to see into the room with little difficulty. A gentle smile graced his features as he noticed Toshizo Hijikata sitting near his bed with a look on his face that told of how long he'd been waiting.

"I'm sorry, Mister Hijikata. I ran into Tetsu on the way over here and I stopped to talk for a little while," he stated as he walked over to his commanding officer. Toshizo just nodded as he pulled Souji down onto the futon, leaning up to kiss him. Souji returned the kiss with a smile as he sat down on the futon beside his lover.

They didn't get to spend many nights together, and this wouldn't be one of them. Souji would leave for his room when they were done as to keep up their appearance. Yet for now it was just the two of them in a compound full of Shinsengumi. Toshizo pulled Souji closer as their lips met once again in sweet bliss. Clothes were quickly removed and soon they were just laying together on his futon quietly.

"Stay here, Souji. Stay the night with me," he intoned quietly to his lover. Souji looked up from where his head rested on Toshizo's chest, eyes bleary with sleep. The samurai nodded as he yawned, ready for a good nights sleep.


Toshizo smirked inwardly as he told them that Souji had been with him very late into the night in his room. It wasn't a total lie, they had been in his room but it had been for the whole night and early into the morning. But for the moment he was only interested in restoring the name and honor of one Souji Okita.

Author: Hai...a very short oneshot with no plot to really speak of. So...just please review!
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